Book Review: Slash

After a whole month and 480 pages later I am finished with this book. I knew going into reading this book what I’d be reading about. For some odd reason, that never seemed to stop me from buying it and reading it. I had two weeks where I did not read any of it. Not because I didn’t like it. I just too much on top of the Kindle box and I was busy with that I didn’t read it, but I thought about it. Reading biographies and memoirs are my favorites because it gives me as a reader that this person has a life that is worth to be told. In this case, I was surprised by it all. I knew it was crazy, but not that crazy.

In the course of reading this book, I ended up finding myself actually listening to Guns N Roses. I’ve already gotten into that earlier in the week. However, I have two Velvet Revolver songs in my iPod. I wasn’t much into “Fall To Pieces” but my mom is, but I am a big fan of “Slither” and which will probably be the first song I listen tonight on my headphones. Those are the only songs I have in my iPod besides “Beautiful Dangerous” and surprisingly my dad happened to like that one too. I’m the one who bought and listens to it more than anyone. Still though, I’m not that familiar with Slash. I knew he was in GnR, he played guitar, and was a legend. That was it.

Reading his book, it was trip all on it’s own. I laughed at things that were so stupid of anybody doing but was normal at that time. Everytime he talked about drugs and alcohol made me freak out. Especially when he would into detail about every little thing. You see, I thought when you’re high, you don’t remember shit. Apparently I was wrong. Certain things made me cringe and others made me laugh my ass off. I would go back and forth between these two emotions throughout the whole thing. You know how when you’re reading something or hearing something very stupid or embarrassing and you put your hands on your face like you’re annoyed. Yeah, I felt like doing that while I was reading parts, but I don’t have that option to do so, so I just kept going on.

As much as this book bugged me on so many levels. I actually loved it. I have never read a book of musician before and one in an infamous band in my parents generation. So I think he changed me in a way, where throughout his life he did stupid things, but got through them and lived to tell the story. He was very open on different subjects and went into detail about Guns N Roses and his drug and alcohol abuse that it was just unbelieveable. Since I have not read a book like this, I had devloped questions of my own. One, that my mom actually agreed with me. Since he got high before a gig, how in the world was he or anybody able to play a right note? That is a question that will probably never be answered and I’m actually okay with that. I do respect that he got clean and is staying that way. I also like that even though he did all this, he didn’t give up his music. It just blows my mind!