Getting There

I’ve been reading a lot in the course of the last two days. I finally am halfway through it. If you don’t know what I’m reading, I’m reading Slash’s book. I had about three books from rockstars I wanted to read at the beginning. I wanted to read Duff McKagan’s book first since I knew his book was out for sure. I just wanted to read his, even though I knew what I’d be reading about. I still wanted to it, but once I started looking around for books I saw his and saw the price and freaked. His book is pushed back to number three on my waiting list. Then I started getting into Sixx:A.M. and wanted to read his book. I’ve got a couple weeks until Christmas I’m sure if it’s expensive any money I get I can pay for it. If I have any money left over I might break this “rockstar” biographies that I’m doing and get somebody else’s.

Reading about Slash’s life is what I expected in a sense. I knew the 80’s were crazy, but I didn’t know they were this crazy. He talks about everything and anything he could remember. I have caught myself laughing at him sometimes because certain things he wrote about are just unbelieveable.  Then there are sad moments in the book, yesterday I was reading the first sad thing I found and I literally had to take a break from reading it because I was close to crying. Luckily, I didn’t because that would have been interesting to explain to my dad. I think he doesn’t believe I’m reading his book when I don’t like any 80’s rock bands. Yes, I do get made fun of by certain family members because of it. I don’t care. I may not listen to them in that time period, but I got two Slash songs and I love Sixx:A.M. so everybody should just get off my case.


Album Review: Dia Frampton’s Debut “Red”

If you watched the first season of “The Voice” you know Dia. She was runner-up at the season finale with Javier Colon. She was on Team Blake with Xenia. She covered the songs, “Heartless” by Kanye West, “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M., and “I Won’t Back Down” featuring her coach Blake Shelton by Tom Petty. She hasn’t been a solo artist before, she and her sister Meg are in a band, they actually released an album in April called, “Cocoon.” She released her album on December 4th. I know I’m late, but I have no signed off my Spotify account until last night.

Her new album is pop, but it’s got a lot of mellow songs. I don’t normally like songs that are so “less is more” kind of feel to them. Meaning, only using a few insturments. She kept her sound she had on The Voice, which is what I love. My favorite songs on the album are “Good Boy,” “The Broken Ones,” and “Bullseye.” They all sound so good. She’s an extremely unique voice. I have to say I really wish she won, but in ways she did win.

Four Days Later

Yesterday didn’t seem like a Monday to me at all. It was just too productive to even be a Monday. I read mostly the whole day, which was good for me since I hadn’t done that for awhile. I didn’t care where I was at percentage wise I just kept reading on and on. I still had pain all day yesterday even after my mom gave me one of my strongest pills and it still didn’t calm me down. That was a let down, but I think I might know why I kept hurting. I kept myself busy. Sitting myself up every hour and working on my Tumblr and tweeting my ass off. I should seriously get paid for tweeting for how much I tweet a day. It’s nuts! I found out that Spotify has the Blue Collar Comedy guys on there and yes, I made a playlist. I titled it “Hilarious” because I was literally hurting more after they were over.

I was relieved when I tweeted earlier yesterday about how I hope my cards get to their places, because if they get sent back to me I might be a wreck. It’s true, I’m more worried about everybody’s that is from overseas. Literally like two hours later, about six people messaged in three different places about how they got their cards today. After seeing that, my insides were jumping around and for a good reason. I was so happy when they told me. I just hope the last batch gets their’s soon. Around six, I got a text message, I thought it was Twitter or my mom because nobody ever texts out of the blue, but apparently I was wrong. Remember that girl that I was pissed off at last week? Yeah, she texted me first last night. I was shocked and happy all at the same time. We didn’t end our good/better conversation until a little bit before 10pm.