I Can’t Get Enough

This is what I watched last night. This was my favorite out of the two I posted last night on my Facebook. I’ve said it before I’m getting into Sixx: A.M. like really into them. Hell, even my family is learning quick. Earlier when my mom was getting ready for work, she scoot the laptop out of the way so she can take me to the bathroom before she left. She pushed that over and unplugged my speakers from the socket. So it was back to it’s crappy sound and at that time I was listening to “Deadman’s Ballet” the Live verison of it. Anyways, she asked me what the hell I was listening, ok so apparently she isn’t very quick yet. I told her it was Sixx: A.M. and she goes “oh that’s Nikki Sixx.” I went, “yes.” My head went, “there’s two others in the band too. You even get mad at me for not listening to Guns N Roses, but Dj Ashba does not comes flying out of your mouth?” My dad said the same thing after he gave me my food. Inside I was shaking my head.

I literally went through probably three and a half hours of nothing but Sixx: A.M. and a few commericals. I did take a break in the middle of listening to “This Is Gonna Hurt” to listen to Fireflight’s new song “Stay Close” and for some odd reason I clicked on a live version of “Unbreakable” and forgot to “x” it off there. So I just let it go. It’s a Monday and apparently it’s disgusting outside. My body already knows what kind of day it is when there’s no snow outside and it looks like it could storm at any moment. I’ve only gotten a few text messages today. Not in a tweeting mood nor a Facebook mood. All I did for the last three hours was listen to Sixx: A.M. and thought about different things. It’s like 74 degrees in my room with both heaters on and I still had my blanket on. You know something’s not right when I’m like that. I swear I felt like a part of that hole I was in a year ago come back to haunt me. Even a few other thoughts popped up, but sadly those thoughts were in me yesterday.

It’s been one of those days that would be smart to just let everything loose. Except I don’t think it would be too smart to let them out listening to Sixx: A.M. I’ll just get over it. It’s just a Monday. Hopefully it’ll end by tomorrow. If it doesn’t, this winter will suck. I was thinking about how much I hated last winter because my weekends would be boring as hell. Last weekend, Saturday was my only good day and I don’t know when I’ll get another one. I hope if you watch that video, you don’t cry. Even though I got to say I was somewhat close to crying myself last night. How can they have that much self-esteem? Whenever I get some self-esteem I lose it in about half hour or so. Don’t have that much confidence in myself. Never have, and probably never will. I think Sixx: A.M. is helping though. Slowly but surely. Alright I’m done.

Stay Close

This was posted on Fireflight’s Facebook page today. It was on my News Feed earlier and I’m listening to it for the second time today. It is so good. I like new music from bands that I’m into. I didn’t know about Fireflight about I think about a year ago, my sister told me about this song she wanted to sing for when she auditions for American Idol, that hasn’t happened by the way. She made me listen to her sing along to “Unbreakable” and that was it for me. I loved that song and it is a very good song for my sister to sing. Since then I have bought more Fireflight songs than her. I still have three songs I love that I need to get but I keep forgetting them everytime I have an iTunes card. By the way the time I get a card, I’ve usually found other songs and they end up being pushed back even more than before. One of these days I’ll get them though, but I think I killed “Unbreakable” for my sister. I play that song more than she does now.