That Christmas Moment You Will Never Forget

Around Christmas time, everybody is or suppose to be cheerful. The kids are writing letters to Santa and families are decorated their trees. The older kids are excited for Christmas break and just sleeping in and visiting with family on the holidays. Everybody has their own traditions and memories. I have my own. Some are good like a few days before Christmas my cousin Chris’ daughter Lynn was born. That is a good memory. A few years before this good memory was an embarrassing one for me.

If I’m going to tell this story I’m going to have to go back for you to understand it all. When I was at Shriner’s with my surgeries I had a lot of scrambled eggs with cheese. Before leaving after my third, I was officially tired of them for good. Well that Christmas, my dad makes breakfast for all of us at my nana’s house. We ate first and then opened presents. Dad made scrambled eggs and cheese, I had said no, but everybody gave it to me anyways. Now this was the same time I got my first rock CD. I got Evanescence’s “Fallen” and I didn’t have much strength yet and my stomach wasn’t giving me anything good either. I took mom that my back was hurting and it was hurting, and my cousin Chris had just opened his present of new shoes. He took them out of the box and placed them on the floor. Well when mom laid me down, I was comfortable and my stomach decided to let loose.

I threw up on my cousin’s new shoes. I had felt better but everybody practically hated me for doing it. I’ve got to say I felt bad for him because I’m like his buddy, and those were his new shoes. Now everybody knows to 1.) not to give me scrambled eggs. 2.) Before where you place things. If it was somebody else they could run to the bathroom. I didn’t have that option since it’s a little difficult to lift me off the floor. So throwing up on the floor was second best. Sadly I remember this whole moment too. From the moment when I saw the cover of Evanescence’s CD and actually throwing it back because it scared the shit out of me. To my family freaking out about Chris’ shoes after that it gets a little fuzzy.