Movie Review: Colombiana

Finally! After five months I get to watch this movie. It was featured in one of my August posts, “Top 5 Movies I Want To See” I think it was called. When I saw the preview for it being released onto DVD/Blu Ray last week, I literally put it on my Christmas List. Well I put it on my online list, and I didn’t get it for Christmas. However, waiting four days after Christmas isn’t so bad especially since I waited five months to see, four days is a piece of cake. Anyways, I love bad ass movies with bad ass women in them. I am a big fan of Zoe Saldana, so I knew I’d like this movie either way.

This movie was interesting. To me, it was like “Takers” which ironically has Zoe in it as well. Except in that movie, she plays this sweet girl and her fiancee is the one who is the bad ass. He doesn’t really kill people though. In this movie, she was the bad ass. I don’t know what it is, but when girls “play” with guns or anything very dangerous is very hot. Cataleyna (Zoe Saldana) was very powerful and sneaky. She was also very fast, there were parts in the movie where I held my breath because there’s some close calls. Even when the younger Cataleyna was powerful. I kept thinking she was Willow Smith though, and I just looked up the cast and it isn’t. That’s ok though, the girl was still great!

If I saw my parents/family gunned down and have something they wanted. The people who killed them, if I wasn’t handicapped I’d probably attempt to kick some ass too. Something that the police officer when they were trying to find out who killed that guy in the beginning, he said, “it can’t be a woman.” Well, obviously he’s never watched Snapped. She was skinny as hell, and known what she was doing and as a viewer I was laughing inside when he found out he was wrong. Something I didn’t get was the title of the movie. “Colombiana” when I was first seeing the previews for it I thought her was that and when I first started hearing everybody calling her “Cataleyna” I got confused. I’m guessing, they titled it that because it takes place in Colombia? It doesn’t make sense. Anyways, if you love action-girls-with-guns this your kind of movie.

Talks With God

I’m the last person that wants to get all religious on my blog. I know everybody has their own ways to believe in him. Different religions, someĀ I think are really cool and some I think are just weird, but I’m not going to get into that. For the ones who don’t necessary believe in God, I have nothing against you. So with all this out-of-the-way. Let’s get into it.

Every night around 10 or 11pm I pray. I have this routine at night, I can’t pray when I have music on because I have a pretty big list of people and I get lost with music on. I feel bad everytime I forget somebody and there have been times in the middle of the night where I will remember who I forgot and will just pray for them right there and then. In my prayer list, everybody in a category. I’m not even kidding. I only did it that way so my brain wouldn’t get lost and would remember everybody that way. I pray for countries that are not doing well, soldiers and their families, homeless people and their families, animals everywhere (meaning in dangerous situations), people and children being abused, raped, trackiffied, and abducted. That’s on the top right corner of my brain and so on.

I’m debating into talking about my whole prayer list because I’d not like for God to be mad at me for posting my list onto the world. I mostly pray for anybody who needs him. Something I do at night is I leave myself for last. I don’t like asking God to necessarily take care of me. I know there are more people out in the world that need him more than I do. As much as different people might disagree with that, I’m always thinking of others before myself. I hate making people guilty about themselves and anytime I do something stupid to people, I pray for them and not for me. I’m the stupid idiot who started it, why do I need to be prayed for? I don’t really want others praying for me either. There are more people out in the world who have worst things going on in their lives than me. So why bother?

I put everybody first. I hate everytime I do something stupid we all do. I pray to God that I hope he watches over them. That’s it. I don’t pray for forgiveness, because sometimes I don’t think I deserve it. In my conversations with God, I tend to ask questions. Like, why does this happen to that family? The little girl from Indiana, she went missing on Christmas Eve, I believe. They found her dismembered body in a family “friends” house. Why would anybody do that to a little girl, especially so close to holidays? It makes me angry and sad at the same time. Because you can’t change it, she’s with God now and watching over her family and friends. Not going to lie, since I heard about her, I’ve thought about my own funeral. If I was to die, I wouldn’t want people crying for me. I’d rather it be a funny gathering. I would rather it be a happy thing than anything else. I would feel horrible if they were grieving for me. I’ve lived an interesting life of ups and downs. For the most part, it’s been fun. I’m learning my way around certain things. I also think there should be a Just Dance party afterwards, but that’s me for you! I think people should enjoy themselves. Celebrating the life I had. Did I just summon death? God, if you’re reading this, I just kidding!