Writing Prompt: The Assassin


So… This is not my regular “Monday” post but I’ve given myself a few days to think about how I wanted to go with this prompt and as much as I was tempted to use my current WIP (work in progress) story that I’ve tried to write since November 2016, I wanted to go in another direction and use my other idea I that have had stuck in the depths of my brain. There’s a lot of stuff back there, so the fact that it’s wanting to be up front is a bit crazy!

I found the prompt on Maris McKay’s blog again, and it was “The fireworks cover the sound of breaking glass. They climb out the window and start running with a grin on their face. Today is Independence Day.” I used the prompt in a different way than expected but I hope everyone still enjoys it ūüôā

I honestly don’t remember how I got here.

All I know is that I’m tumbled over on a very hard surface, the dirt on the ground seeps into the fresh cuts on my body and burns as I attempt to sit up again. I have to use both of my arms with the rest of the strength left in my body to move around. Once I flip around to my back and rearrange my lifeless legs forward, I began to wipe off the excess dirt off my arms and legs and look at my surroundings, searching for my chair.

The building is huge, but barely hanging on to itself. The windows are shattered and ceiling tiles are slowly pulling apart from each other and floating away by the wind outside. I quickly realize that I am in an old hangar that now holds the most random things, I knew about the junkies but not the large metal elements, that look like could be the innards of airplanes and cars. This should be interesting trying to find my wheelchair in this mess! As the thought creeps out of my head, an older man is standing in the back with a blank expression on his face.

“I’m surprised you’re alive!” He shouted while cleaning a metallic can in his hands. “I mean, considering that guy was kicking the living shit out of you.” He tosses the can into the fairly large stack of junk plastered up against the wall. He finally sighs and starts to work over to me.

“Well, I would be up by now, if I could find my chair.” The woman says, with a groan as her sides were certainly in a lot of pain right now. She was pretty sure one of her ribs was broken, but he didn’t need to know that.

The man stopped and looked at her funny, “what chair?” he said as he began to look around the place and search for anything that even resembling a chair of sorts. He did find pretty clean white car outside, but before he wondered who that belonged to, the blonde and bruised lady in front of him in the distance took his attention back to the fact that she was now looking for something in this pigsty.

“It’s mine.” She said as he continued to admire the car. “Also, I use a wheelchair to get around, and before that asshole started attacking me, he pulled me out of it and threw it somewhere in here.”¬†At least I hope it’s in here.¬†This statement made him look at her with a puzzled again, but before he could say another word a noise behind her startled them in the back of the place.


Kady turned to her left side, but not before taking out what looked like three dark sticks from the side of right boots. That’s when the man noticed a gun located directly at her back around her waist on a¬† thin belt once she removed them and began to scoot on her hands, softly around the crooked maze in front of her.

Bang! Bang!

The mystery man took shelter, using the mess around them but realized she was exposed and defenseless, so unless she had a cool magic trick to make with those things in her hands, she was done for and his job was done. As he crouched down on the ground, he watched the scene play out between the two of them.

“Who’s there?!” Kady said, as her hand full of three lightly green colored darts laid in the palm of her hand behind her. “Roy, is that you coming back for more?” She knows if she’s not careful that she will not win this fight either, she thought about using her gun, but she doesn’t want to cause any more damage then she already has, so these are her only lifeline right now.

“How are you not dead Kady?!” A deep voice echoes off in front of her, and she takes a guess on where he could be located, and hopefully she’s right. Roy sounded a bit shake-y, like he knows he’s in trouble for offering to go after her in the first place. “You know I don’t want to do this.” He speaks again, wanting for an answer from her, but it’s quiet. He knows that’s never a good sign.

Swoosh! Clung.

He gasps loudly, staring wide-eyed at the pine tree lookalike dart stuck on the tin metal wall in front of him. The man is covered in sweat from head to toe, and he knows she’s close to him. He also knows he has some of her blood splattered onto his clothes but that’ll help prove to know he killed the #1 enemy on the block. However, he knew he needed to move or she’ll try to sneak up on him, which is what she did in a way, especially when the second dart arrived in a bad spot.


“Fucking bitch!” He shrieked as the next dart landed at his lower backside. He quickly wondered if they were laced with toxic poisons, but he didn’t want to dwell on that too much this time as he pulled it out with a fast tug and began to slowly walk away from his position.

Kady is lying on the ground directly behind a now groaning Roy. “Why were sent to kill me Roy? You better tell me, or I can reserve this last target for your head or your heart. It’s your choice.” Kady said as she scooted across the room, on her hands, her legs leaving inconvenient dragging marks as she continued on to her mission.¬† Finally, she spots an opening toward her right arm, but instead of striking the beast, she decides to change things up and patiently waits for his response.

“Marcus wanted it done.” He explained, with a sad tone in his voice. He was afraid of what he heard Kady could to a man who turned on her. “He said, after the fourth of July and we would get our independence day, and be free of you.” Wrong answer.¬†He knew that wasn’t the smartest thing to say to an assassin but he was in lots of pain and it just came out. “He said, you were a nuance and that you wouldn’t be the only one. He’d go after your whole league.” Roy finally broke down into tears and collapsed on himself but was frightened again when Kady appeared on the other side of the crate like wall between them, with one last dart tightly locked in her hand.

Kady quietly smiled at him in the same way he did before running for cover. Roy tried to get up once last time to runaway from her but it wasn’t going to happen with his injury, so he knew he was an easy picking.

“Tell your boss that if he hurts anybody else, I will kill him.”¬† Kady said with one last jab, the dart stabbed him in the upper thigh and watched him wince in pain as his leg started to rapidly bleed through his jeans. Now, with her mission sort of finished, she asked him one last question. “By any chance do you know where my chair is?” She said in a charming voice. All Roy could do was obey and point north and watched her fade away from view and heard her grab ahold of the chair that was tipped over on its side, and gradually climb in it and once she was safely seated, she began to collect her darts but once she made it back to Roy for the last one, she slightly pinched the end of it and watched him groan on the floor, not so confident now.¬†She¬†pulled on it and once out, she wiped it on his shirt and slid them back into her boot. “You’ll need to think twice before messing with me Roy.”

After rolling away from the wounded Roy, she found the older man who had ran back into his office and was suddenly terrified of her now. “Call an ambulance for him, okay?” She calmly said to him, while he could only motion a nod to her. She nodded back and lifted the front of her chair over the cracked concrete and went towards her car. She smelled the fresh air as she searched her keys inside her other boot and it clicked twice, unlocking the door. She parked her chair by the front seat and wrapped her arms around the side of the seat and inside of the car to pull herself in to sit down. She quickly took the brakes off and folded it up and threw it in the backseat before starting up the car and closing the door to drive away.

So, what did you think of my “little” free write of the week?


Weekend Fun!



I think it’s fair to say I had fun over the weekend! My mom and dad went out for a late birthday lunch as it was my mom’s birthday last week. So I got to spend time with my grandparents. Whenever I go over there, my nana usually has me doing little jobs for her that I know how to do on your laptop or little ones around the house. I was trying to grab the handy mini can opener for the pop can and she’s been letting me use this at her house, as soon as I got my toes around in the box she had already opened it. It was like beat the clock and I had failed once again. It was also lunch time when I go over there too, so I eat a can of soup or sometimes I do what I did that day, just eat cottage cheese and ice cream. Sometimes if I have a lot to say, it’s better to eat less!

When my mom first pushed me into the kitchen, I saw that they had gotten two new Archaeology Magazines. The week before they got the newest edition but I guess the two that we missed came in too! I’ll read the bigger articles whenever I go back if papaw hasn’t hidden them away somewhere. There’s a section inside these magazines that I’ve just fallen in love with, it’s two pages and on them is a picture of the globe and they have little information from different countries. Sometimes they can be really interesting and the rest of the time they’re a little gross! The main thing I like to do, well my nana has me do, I like to read them out loud. I’ve always been the slower reader in school and of all magazines to read out loud, it’s this type of magazine! Imagine all of these big ass words! I’m getting less frustrated with them though, before I just wanted to cry whenever I got up to these words now I make a joke out of them and it makes the both of us laugh. I’ve found its less pressure if I can make people laugh in the middle of reading these articles.

While I was busy hanging out with my grandparents, my parents went out to Red Lobster and to the store. The first ever alcohol drinks she ever got me to like were these Strawberry Daiquiri slushies. I liked them at first but since I just slip them the icy parts melt too fast for me and it no longer tastes any good! Well, two summers ago my friend Sammy had this Baha Mama slushie drink and I had a spoonful and man was it good! It hardly had a burn to it. The funny part of the story was I didn’t know my mom was planning on drinking that night so when they went to grab stuff and saw these my dad went “which one of these does Meghan like?” So it was his idea (and he admitted to it!) and now have two left over. She had two out of her three already! That was first drink since NYE. I got to see Sammy, Chey, and Chevy too! Chey went to her first concert ever over the weekend. I was pretty proud of her!

On Sunday, my day was a bit duller. I knew we were going over to the garage for our Sunday dinner, but my mom wanted to take a nap beforehand and while I was bored waiting to go over, I started writing out bands that I listen to because towards the end of the night John and a friend our neighbors kept asking me what kind of bands I normally listen to, so I thought I’d do myself a bit of good and write out. I listed 42 on this note card. 41 were on my iPod, one wasn’t but it’s on my Spotify I don’t know how I managed to remember it! When I woke up that morning, it was like 10am and my mom gave me cereal for breakfast, normally I don’t like to eat first thing in the morning. I have to be in the mood for it or if it is chocolate related! By the time we left to go over to eat, I was past hungry. ¬†John made steak, red potatoes, salmon and corn on the cobb. In other words, we ate like kings! I stayed sober this time around even though dad let me have a sip of his tomato beer, just tomato juice and a bud light. It was disgusting! My mom and I were surprised he let me take a sip of his beer!¬†We didn’t stay over very long this time around as my mom had to get up early for work in the morning.

When we left, I wanted to go around the backyard and see the babies. This past weekend, I got to see them more than I usually do since they’re really not supposed to be inside. I started off by spending some with Tubby, since he’s the keeper of the porch now. He loves to be around people or around my mom, Blondie and I. He likes to give hugs and purrs the whole time. The others are another story entirely. Bootsie, Grumpy, Bear-Bear, Midget, and Stormy are all used to my big wheelchair. The little ones are not as they still run away from me. When I went in the back after being with Tubby, they were all a little spooked when I came towards them. They didn’t start coming around¬†me until Midget and Bootsie came up first and then they rushed behind. I tried to take pictures of them but they kept moving away as soon as I would take a picture. Surprisingly I didn’t have a bad time dealing with the mosquitos like I thought I would, but I also didn’t want to test it out by staying out longer either.


My mom let me wear my British flag shirt. I got it for Christmas but the neckline is way too long for me, but whenever we go places I want to wear it so she put it on me and we had to use a safety pin to fix the excess so it didn’t slide off my shoulders and show more cleavage than it needed to! I don’t have white plain pants, except for these capris that have mini colored hearts on them. So that is what I wore over to my nana;s, later on that night my mom changed my shirt to my Captain America shirt so I wouldn’t have to worry about the damn safety pin. The first thing my neighbor told me when I got done parking, he wants to get a pair of pants like mine. Two days later the image of him with the pants on were stuck in my head. Not a pretty picture I have to say!

11866392_10200653414295869_2354782680374767665_nOn Sunday, I wore my new skull T-shirt I got from Wal-Mart a few months ago. My nana had to fix the neckline as it was way too long in the front and revealed more than it needed to! It’s tight around my stomach so I don’t see my dad putting it on me very much as he hates tight shirts on me. Not as a parent thing, as he thinks being that tight I’ll only wear a few times before it becomes too small for me! I no longer judge my clothes that way as I still have a shirt that I got in 2006-07 from church and it STILL fits me! It’s not tight in my stomach area, but it around getting my arms into the sleeves. I have maybe another year or two left on wearing it. As far as pants, my mom put me in gray shorts but I wanted to wear pants as I knew where I would be sitting, it would be cold. I was right but she brought over her long/knee high fuzzy socks for me to wear! Those are so nice! I’m proud to say I can put those on as well!


Cute Blog Award


There’s nothing better going on your blog whenever you’re basically off your blogging mojo and find out you’ve been nominated for a blog award! This is my first time that I’ve been nominated for this adorable award! A new friend of mine, who has been loving my Tune Tuesday posts lately. I don’t really get any feedback on those types of posts and she’s been taking care of that and building me up to finding more and interesting artists and groups to showcase on my blog! Her name is Amanda and she runs a blog called Tea Time Tails. it is awesome and fun! So thank you dear for the nomination!

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated me.
  2. Answer the following questions.
  3. Tell my readers something new about me.
  4. Nominate my own favorite blogs.


What is your “go to” brand of makeup?

Um, I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. I don’t even like using chapstick/lip balm. When you can’t do it yourself, things like makeup aren’t anything special.

What is your favorite fashion trend?

I love, love, love plaid shirts! Especially the button up shirts, hell button up silky shirts are another favorite! And then my ultimate favorite fashion trend are floral headbands. I’ve never worn them but I think they look beautiful on everybody else!

What is your favorite dessert?

I love ice cream a lot. I’ve never really liked cake, like birthday cake in general, because of all the frosting on it! However, I’ve been turning into a big cupcake fan, because it’s got the right amount of frosting/cake for me to handle!

What is your favorite color?

Purple, black, red…anything in the dark/bold colors. I’ve got a small obsession with baby blue too!

What is your middle name?


What is the last song you listened to?

In The End – Black Veil Brides

Dogs or cats?

Cats. I love bigger dogs though!

My Favorite Blogs!

Music Video Review: One Direction’s “Night Changes”

I think I’ve been getting lazier as the days go by. It might the colder temperatures or it could just be me altogether. Whatever the reason though, I thought I’d push aside my normal Tune Tuesday routine and do a music video review instead. This one has been long overdue, but considering I can’t stop thinking about what I would talk about I need to let this out. So bear with me as I talk about One Direction. Again.

One Direction released their second music video to help promote their album, Four¬†on November 21st. See, I told you it was long overdue! I wasn’t on the hype for it after being disappointed with their music video for “Steal My Girl” but leave it to me, once they posted a collage photo of the different scenes of the guys, I’ll be honest a spark got me excited. Something about that collage made me think of Christmas. So when it was released, it didn’t take me long before I had to watch it. Probably a good two or three hours worth depending whether or not I saw it early in the morning and had to wait until somebody got up to watch it with the music playing. Each verse is separated out with Zayn being first, then Liam, Harry, Louis and lastly Niall. All five boys have different scenes by themselves and they act like they’re taking a girl out on five different places. Seems like every hardcore 1D fan’s dream honestly!

When I first heard the song “Night Changes” I just loved it! I unfortunately had to wait until the release date of the album to hear it. Every link I found on YouTube wouldn’t load fast enough or the quality was awful. The radio also played “Steal My Girl” and “Ready To Run” more than this single. This song has a very slow, but strong romantic feel to it. Of course, I wanted the music video to have some element of a romantic vibe to reflect the song. Thankfully, I did get that this time around. For each “date” it was very adorable and quirky to see how each one would respond to each date. My favorite date out of all five is probably between Liam and Harry’s. I’ve got it on my bucket list that I’d actually like to go on a date to a carnival. Technically in a way, I already have but that’s another story! Honestly, Harry’s date was the most ideal date. I could see him sliding all over that skating rink, Best acting out of the whole thing would have to be Zayn. I’ll explain why next. I said the photo collage had a Christmas feel to it right? Well, one of them had an ideal wintery/Christmas feel date. Niall wore an ugly sweater for his date and had a fire-place in his part. Very home-y but romantic kind of date.

¬†Although things seem so sweet and innocent, nothing would stay that way, especially for a One Direction video. There has to be some element of being hilarious whether it be in the background of it or just in front. As soon as it gets ¬†to 2:29 all hell breaks loose. From the first time watching it, you are immediately swoon by the feelings of romance but then things drastically change and it is hilarious how all five dates end very badly.¬†¬†Out of all the endings, the worst way to end a date were probably Liam, Harry and Louis’s. Liam throws up after going on a go-cart ride by using his dates hat, Harry wants to do a spin as a couple like professional skaters who have practiced on that exact move for weeks and breaks his arm and his date’s ankle and Louis gets arrested for speeding. In a way, I think every girl likes a bad boy so getting one speeding ticket wouldn’t consider not getting a second date but that’s just me! Both Niall and Zayn’s dates were bad but not as bad. Accidents happen, even if one’s shirt gets caught on fire. The reason why I like Zayn’s acting on how his date turned out was that honestly no matter how a date turns out with Zayn, you never walk away from him! He almost made me cry and I’m not kidding either!

I really liked this music video a lot more than the first one. Nothing was awkward about it, too much in it, or anything. If you were going out on a date with anybody, this might be a good video to watch ahead of time. I’m being serious here. If these dates were real, with different people (sorry 1D fans!) and the situations were still the same. Would you really walk away? I mean, I see Liam or Harry’s date not on the top of getting a second date anytime soon, but accidents do happen. I’m getting a little too serious with this review. I’ll stop here while I’m ahead. Hopefully the next music video review I do won’t take me three weeks to make. I hope you enjoyed this! Which date was your favorite?

My Own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree


You might remember a couple of years ago, my mom bought me this nice little purple Christmas tree because I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit, kind of like this year. I don’t remember if I had asked for her to go look for one if she went out and did my nana’s errands or what, but while I was at work she and my dad went out Christmas shopping and found this little tree by accident and my mom had to buy it for me. I was so glad that she did because I think it bring my spirits up a bit. It was nice and shiny, came with white lights too! After the holidays were over, while we put away our bigger tree in the living room. I didn’t necessarily want this little guy stuffed inside a cold box for the whole year. So we kept him out and put him on top of one of my stereo speakers. I never used him last year for some odd reason, but recently I got this black and skull garland for my birthday from our neighbors. My dad had placed it around my tree and thus got me in the mood to decorate it more!

I talked to my mom about what we could do with it. I went online and tried to search for smaller ornaments, but there wasn’t anything that came in a set and majority of them I did find were expensive! So that basically crushed my dreams a little, but of course! Leave it to my mom to find small ornaments while she was on her lunch break at work. They are sliver ornaments-shatter proof! We tried to wrap the skull garland around the tree, but unfortunately it’s too long and I was too afraid that the paper skulls were get too hot around the lights and start a fire in my room! Right now it’s just the ornaments on it, but I think it looks pretty cute! The only bad part about the ornaments though was they didn’t come with hooks, so I couldn’t place them directly on the tree but since Blondie was home for the night, she and my mom put the ends of the stems through the holes of the ornaments, which we quickly figured out that those aren’t shatter proof. My sister kind of had a bit too much fun though because she put one right on top, where you’d place the angel on a normal tree. My mom has been calling it “Cyclops” ever since. Now he’s got himself a name too!

My friend Sara from Bloo ‘n” Stuff blogged about what her tree and room looked like for Christmas. She gave me an idea to kind of decorate my tree a little bit more. She used beads as garland to wrap around it. It dawned on me that, that’s what my cousin Kristi did to my nana’s tree too! Duh! I’ve got a lot of different bead necklaces that I can place on it that I still have from Plummer. My mom has majority of them in her car up on her mirror. I might’ve found a way to get those back finally! My sister has to get through this week before she can come home for Christmas break. We still gotta go Christmas shopping! My nana and I are getting a little too excited about making Christmas cookies soon! She showed me today that my mom got her two rolls of sugar cookies and then another roll of chocolate chip. Dear lord.

I think it’s just best if we don’t make anything special like a Christmas DIY project like we did last year. It’s kind of difficult to do those types of things when you can’t get things easily. So our thing for this year will probably be the cookies and that’s all. She’s probably do money IOU’s like she’s done in the past. My mom is planning on taking us both out and about around our town, but we want to wait until Blondie’s out of school/work too. It’s all a big waiting game and usually I’m pretty good about the waiting in general. Today, like Saturday I went over to my nana’s and we looked at old pictures and today, I read some articles from a magazine out loud to she and my papaw. I also got to put on both the 7th and 9th days on her Christmas tree. She got this Advent Calendar through the mail, it’s really cute. It is a plain Christmas tree that you only decorate with the dated different ornaments. She put up today’s early this morning and I put up tomorrow sticker. I really liked doing it too! It’s really fun now knowing the significance about it. My friend Stephanie from The Loudmouth Lifestyle blog said it’s a thing that¬†helps you remember to do something fun every day and countdown days until Christmas. My friend Ania said she has one that allows her to have one piece of chocolate every day. I think that one is just cruel! My nana and I both know we’d never get through that one!

My nana's Advent Calendar hanging up on her fridge. This picture was taken on Saturday (6th)
My nana’s Advent Calendar hanging up on her fridge. This picture was taken on Saturday (6th)
As my sister was down last night, our cats were brought inside. When I got down on the floor, both Stormy and Grumpy went on my bed.
As my sister was down last night, our cats were brought inside. When I got down on the floor, both Stormy and Grumpy went on my bed.
Things would have been fine if Bear Bear hadn't gone up there too. Thankfully, Midget was nice enough to stay on the floor with me.
Things would have been fine if Bear-Bear hadn’t gone up there too. Thankfully, Midget was nice enough to stay on the floor with me.

The Christmas Tag


I found this little Christmas tag while scrolling through my Twitter the other night by Miss Jemma of Dorkface. I’ve seen a lot of different Christmas post from other friends in the past few weeks, I’m kind of feeling like Charlie Brown at the moment. Not really knowing why I feel so down about Christmas, but I am! My nana and I still haven’t decided what we’re going to do about little DIY gifts to everybody in our family like we did last year. It’ll be another last minute Christmas project too! I’m kind of hoping you enjoy this little tag and maybe get a good laugh at some of my answers! Merry Christmas!

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

I’ve always had dreams of being snowed in somewhere that had a beautiful fire-place and an indoor hot tub. To some this would be a nice date type of thing to do with their partner, but I’d like to go by myself or my sister. I only said her because she’d be the only one that could handle the snow and being indoors!

Favorite Christmas movie?

I am a lover of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. That’s the classic in my family!

Are you on the Naughty list or the Nice list?

I refuse to answer this, because I know I’ll be wrong! Lol

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Yes, I have. I love them! It doesn’t matter how old I get, it’s probably one of the prettiest times of the year, especially the snow came the night before and the sun is out and glaring¬†over the snow. If you’ve lived out in the outside of your city or town, you know what exactly I mean!

Where do you usually spend your Christmas?

I spend mine at my house in the very early mornings and then around 8am, we all get ready to head to my nana’s house for the next part of the morning!

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Nope. I don’t think we’ve never done that actually!

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Dasher, Rudolph…So no!

What holiday tradition are you looking forward to most this year?

If we don’t get the chance to make anything homemade this year, we still have our annual decorating sugar cookies.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

We’ve never had a real tree. We’ve all watched Christmas Vacation to know we’d get stuck with the damn huge tree and ChiChi would drink the tree water, plus our cats would go into our tree and jump out and scare the living shit out of us.

Hands down, what’s your all-time favorite Christmas food and Christmas sweet treat?

Cinnamon rolls, so technically that crosses both answers!

Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

I like receiving gifts, but it is better to give gifts away! It warms my heart.

Does your favorite family have a special Christmas recipe you like to help make?

They never really do any food stuff for Christmas, I mean my dad ALWAYS makes us breakfast, besides nana. She’s the one who makes the cinnamon rolls for me. Yes, me. My dad likes to include eggs on our Christmas breakfast and I hate them, but I usually only eat the rolls and fried potatoes he also makes too! I’m getting hungry thinking about it!

Are you a pro-wrapper or do you fail miserably?

I’ve never wrapped a gift. I’m hoping to this year though!

Most memorable Christmas moment?

I throw up in my cousin’s brand new shoes.

What made you realize the truth about Santa?

The early nights of going to bed when you didn’t want to.

Do you make New Year resolutions? Do you stick to them?

I like them, I’m glad to say I’ve had two good years of breaking them but not entirely stopping them.

What makes Christmas special for you?

Being around my family and sharing laughs and the huge wrappers piling in the middle of the living room floor.

Christmas Wishlist 2014


I’ve never done one of these Christmas wishlist or collage before. This whole thing was new to me and I’ve been blogging for five years now. I swear I find new things every other week that I never knew you could or had to do. Anyways, after literally going through my fellow blogger friends Christmas wishlists I’ve been really thinking about what I wanted too. I’m known for being the most complicated person to shop for in my family. I hear it every year. So I thought maybe if I did this, some of my family members would have a better chance of finding something I’d like than besides a gift card. That’s not saying I don’t those either but it’s tough to have a gift card and wonder what the hell you’re going to buy with it. Unless it’s an iTunes card, I know I’ll spent it well! This collage above is basically what I like to call a rough draft. Not everything on it and you don’t have to get it exactly like the way it looks on the picture. Except for the bottom two of the right corner.

However, I have managed to keep some of the links of where I find the items. I like to think I’m pretty cheap, the only thing I found that was over the price of $20 were the stars and stripes leggings and pajamas. Both were from different stores too! Every year, I get an¬†assortment of clothes that I like, my mom and dad know me fairly well. They can get me anything in skulls and shade of black and I’d be happy! I’ve got a split personality though, that sounds so wrong but I’m going with it. I’m not just a “goth” girl. but I’m a winter girl: meaning I like bolder colors. I do like bright colors, some pastels but not to the point were it’s overwhelming.


Technically I can live with iTunes cards instead of physical CDs. I’d like to get Nick Jonas, One Direction (either Midnight Memories or Four), Anette Olzon and Banks albums. There are two DVDs that I’d like to have and both are shown above. Apparently One Direction’s This Is Us film isn’t enough to hold me over. So the one on the right side is the¬†Where We Are¬†tour DVD. The second is Within Temptation’s concert DVD called, “Elements.” There’s one more that I’ve forgotten to share the link, but I’m a fairly new Celtic Woman fan and I’d love to have their concert DVD called “Emerald” after seeing a section of it on PBS I gotta watch it all the way through without any interruptions.


This proved to be a great idea the last time we went out to Walmart. I’ve been wearing a lot of regular and sweatpants lately. I’m still a fan of leggings though, I just have a lot that goes with the rest of shirts in my closet. As far as patterns go, I’m not a fan of zebra, peace signs, or the color pink. As long as they’re not too long on my legs. I mean, my nana can always make them shorter for me. They have to be stretchy too. ¬†The links of the two in the picture above are underneath this section.

All right now onto the weird part. I do love jewelry and I only like one certain type of jewelry and that is bracelets. Not a big necklace fan. However, I did select a necklace to add onto the collage but I think I only did that as I needed something that had a skull on the picture. I like anything dark, goth whatever you want to call it. I’m not much on the gold looks either. I do like flowers, crosses, infinite signs, but no anchors or peace signs. I have a HUGE fuzzy sock obsession. Heck I have a straight-up sock obsession! My mom and I basically wear the ones over and over again. I don’t like the ankle socks because they are too small on my feet.


Technically this is my “need” list. I’ve been enjoying repurposing different size boxes throughout this year but since they’re regular boxes made out of cardboard, they’re not as sturdy as I want them to be. When I went to Dollar Store with my mom, nana, sister, and cousins back in October. I saw these really beautiful dark shade of brown baskets and I just kind of told myself and my mom that I wanted baskets for Christmas. The second thing that I “need” is a curtain rod. I honestly don’t know what I really need as I have a curtains but the top part were they hang up is like broken. It’s been broken for quite some time now, I didn’t break it by the way. When our cat Tubby was inside, he I guess saw something on the blind and proceed to jump off the back of my stereo and missed and tried to hang on to the curtain with his claws, but since he was so large his weight kind of made the whole left side of the window hanger or whatever break off.

The last one is a fairly in between of “need” and something really weird. Then again, this entire list is pretty weird. Anyways, since last year I’ve been using this table for when I eat. Plates I’m fine with, but the cups we use aren’t really working out anymore. I always feel like my parents are going to spill the liquid all over the floor while they walk because they don’t necessarily know how to carry it. That’s my first reason, my second is my nana and papaw have like two or three different coffee mugs that they use. My nana uses like two. She has a “Ruth” cup which represents her real name before she was adopted and there’s the dark shade of green cup she’s been using a lot lately. My papaw has a Butler bulldog cup. My last reason which kind of goes with my second, is that I have a lot of friends from overseas, they use different coffee mugs to put their tea in. If anybody REALLY knows me at all, you’ll know I just want to be like everybody else. So I want coffee mugs for Christmas. I went on Amazon, Bed and Bath & Beyond (the one listed is from Wal-Mart) and found some really nice cups. I really liked the floral, owl, and solid color designs the most. I would love you if you found any Disney mugs too!

Okay well, I’m finished. To all my family members that are reading this I hope this helped a bit for this season. Like I said before, everything on this post is just supposed to help you out and get you creative. If you need more help on what I like I thought I’d share some bands/shows/superheroes too.

Ellie Goulding
Within Temptation
Of Mice & Men
In This Moment
Katy Perry
Celtic Woman
Bring Me The Horizon
Captain America
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Vampire Diaries
The Originals
Frozen (Olaf)
Winnie The Pooh