Christmas Classic

I remember one Christmas special when I was little that I just loved. It’s pretty old, but it’s so good and will always be my favorite Christmas special throughout the years. I actually just watched it too so I’m feeling pretty happy right now and I think I have some of my Papaw’s traits in me because he loves his old movies. Everytime I was in choir, our teacher would always play these old musicials that everybody would just hate. However, I loved them! Every once in awhile my papaw will be watching one around me and I’d be watching and admiring these actresses and their fashion style in these movies. The fact that they were in black and white was a plus!

I found all the classic ones that I loved as a kid. I got very happy watching this, so I hope if you remembered watching this when you were a kid or in some cases a teenager, I hope it brings back good memories!

I’m Not Gonna Last A Week.

Since I finished my book this book, I thought to myself I’m gonna have a week of not having anything to read at all. At first, I was really glad, but I think it was because that book made my head spin around a few times and I was ready to finish it. I’m on day 2 of not reading anything and feeling the withdrawals. It freaking sucks! I want to buy another book on my Kindle and get into the routine again. It’s like school to me, and for some odd reason I would get up in the morning craving a book. I’m weird.

So I went looking online and found the one book I want next. I want Nikki Sixx book, The Heroin Diaries, and when I went to go how much it was I was surprised. It was cheaper than Duff McKagan’s book, but expensive compared to Slash’s book. Looks like I’ll be waiting a week for that book. I have an account on Shelfari, thanks to my friend Mandy again. I have a long list of books I’d like to read but they keep getting pushed back into my “waiting room” list. I have to got to find another book though that’s going to get rid of these withdrawals fast. I even went “old school” I read my The Vampire Diaries: Stafen’s Diaries, Vol. 3: The Craving. I have it on my floor. Surprisingly it’s not ruined in anyway and the bookmark is still in its place, but I can’t get myself back into it. Even though I’d really like to read the other (3) books in the series. I have never finished a series before so that’s why I would like to finish this book.


Not Everybody In This World Is Out To Hurt You

I’ve had problems with people. Including ones who I thought were my friends. I’ve had lots of family drama in the past year and I could do without all of this, except for one thing. This one thing has done more good than anything else. Since I’ve started my Twitter I was willing to put myself out there and tell my story to other people, but I also wanted to make some friends too. Throughout this year I have made lots of friends all over the place. I remember my first overseas friend I met and my first U.S. friend from Twitter. I enjoy talking to them every day, but I mostly enjoy it the most on the weekends since most of them are busy during the weekdays some with work and the rest with school. So I definitely enjoy the two days off and when the holiday breaks start-up. They makes my life better.

I was just on my Tumblr searching pictures, like always. I had gotten a message in my Inbox. I thought it was somebody asking me a weird question, but instead it was somebody very dear to me saying something very sweet and showing how much they really care and making me very lucky to even have this person in my life. This was the sweet message I received in my Tumblr Inbox. “Hey, ok, i just wanted to thank you for being such a big inspiration to me in just about everything. you made me want to be the nicest i could ever possibly be because of how darn lovely you are to everybody. i talk about you so much to friends & fam because of how much you do and how you’re there for people. this was so random but whenever we meet it will be a special day, love you loads. :)” I didn’t know how to answer her back, and how I did it was just awful. So I thought about it and thought I’d do it in my own way.

I have been told I’ve inspired people before, but I’ve never believed them because I didn’t see how a person like me could be inspiring, but apparently I was wrong. My family and friends around school always told me I was an inspiration and I thought they were lying to me. Reading this message made me very happy, I’m literally trying to hold back tears. I finally believed it. Somebody made me believe that I had inspired them. I try to do good and talk to everybody as much as I can. I feel good everytime I talk to these people, sometimes they’re teenagers and I’ve been through the rough time of those years to know they are not fun whatsoever! Doing this blog and discussing different things of my past with my readers and talking to my Twitter friends inspires me more than anything. It makes me so happy that I can discuss these things with them and show them life will get better. Not everybody in this wold is out to hurt you. Live your life day by day. Don’t let anybody get you down. 

So thank you to my friend Taby and my other friends. You showed me that I don’t need friends in the same town, that I can count on all of you and inspire me to keep going on and never letting anybody get me down again. You also showed me that I really do inspire people after all these years of not believing it, it feels good to finally believe it for once. Love you like you can’t imagine and I thank God for bringing you to my life every single day.