Dirty Dancing

I have fallen in love again! No, not with a real person. I’m done with falling in love with somebody and getting hurt somewhere in the process, I just finished watching Dirty Dancing. I don’t really remember who got me interested in this movie, but I think my mom did because they were smart! I don’t hate everything that was made in the 80’s. Besides “Purple Rain” and this, I’m good. Everything else just got lost. This movie will NEVER get old. Anytime it would come on different TV channels, I’d get comfortable in my bed and watch it with the same amazement I had when I first watched it. That same envy I had of Penny and Baby dancing so seductive, yes I said that word. Johnny (Patrick Swayze) looking so handsome and buffed. I think that’s how I started liking arms, especially shoulders. Anyways, these three people were my favorites and I wished to be like them. But you got to understand, when I watched this I had a whole list of people on this list I wished to be like one day.

I watched Jennifer Grey on Dancing With The Stars, that whole season my mom and I had the same winners. Since then, we haven’t been able to agree of who should win each season. So far, I’ve lost two seasons. Both of my favorites were runner-ups. Anyways, I watched her dance with Derek Hough and envied her once again. Not the fact she was dancing/partnered with one of the best looking male dancers on the show, but she could still dance at her age. She and Derek did their freestyle dance for the finale to one of the songs in the movie, I can’t remember what the song was called, but the reason why she didn’t play “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” was because it was a such a special dance to do Patrick that she didn’t want to change it. She ended up winning that season with Derek. That’s reason number two of why this movie will never get old.

Facebook High School

I’ve realized something. Facebook is very annoying. Everybody hates it, but we still use it. Get online in the middle of the night and check things out. Updating about things certain people in this world shouldn’t know. Uploading memories into albums and remembering when things were bad. Since Facebook has changed their timeline again. Surprisingly I actually like it, but I’ve found out I’m the only one who does. It’s alright, it’s good to be alone for once. The timeline shows you ALL of your posts from the time you started Facebook. When I first heard about that, I’m not going to lie I was tempted to reactivate my original account to see my posts from 2008, which was the year I started, but I didn’t because I knew it was stupid.

I’ve had this new account for probably three months and I’m already getting people trying to add me. It’s getting really annoying! I hate the fact that everybody is just adding you for the heck of it. It’s somehow turned into a popularity contest of whose got the most friends. It is stupid! When I first started this account I made it just for myself, family, and Twitter friends. I only had close to four friends from my other account I wanted back because I really liked them. The rest I was done with. I wasn’t going to add them because I knew it would be too good to be true. Well then I caved. I added a few here and there. Now I’m mad at myself for adding all these freaking people who never talk to me. Why should I have you as MY friend when you aren’t being a real friend and talking to me? So tomorrow, I’m going to be deleting people. I need to have more control of who I want on my profile, and right now I’m not wanting anybody, but I gotta be nice to some of them because they don’t deserve this.