What’s So Different About Ridiculousness?

I am addicted to this freaking show, it’s seriously one of my favorite shows ever! Wasn’t really into Rob Dydrek before this show came on MTV. Even though the dude has like a few shows on the network I was never really interested in him or his shows. Then MTV started showing previews for this show and I watched the first episode and I laughed my ass off! Until there was a few clips where people were getting hurt then I stopped laughing. Everybody knows if I’m laughing or shouting “Oh!” I’m watching Ridiculousness.

Monday’s episode was a special one. Ryan Dunn from Jackass was on there and a few months ago he was killed in a car accident. Before the episode premiered they played the epsiodes with Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine, who are also part of the Jackass clan. After the Ridiculousness episode, they did a tribute to Ryan.  They have different apperances come for a visit and sit and watch sone crazy clips. I think they keep adding different categories with every show because they are a lot I hardly ever see but in one episode. Sometimes just one category is more hilarious than the others.

So what’s the difference between Ridiculousness and other vitral video shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos? Well in those it’s most of a family themed show. Even though they show about the same stuff. Ridiculousness doesn’t really promote everybody to send videos in. They literally don’t. They have reminders at the beginning and end of the show to not send any videos of people doing any of the stunts they’ve seen. If you’ve ever watched AFV if you send a video in, you might win cash or a T-Shirt. They are promoting it pretty much. Ridiculousness doesn’t do specials on Holidays and about animals. Even though got to say, that would be awesome if they did. AFV does everything, well most at least.

Not Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

I think it’s safe to say that the Kardashians have lost a lot of people. They are the biggest family that’s on reality TV. You have Bruce Jenner, and his Kris Jenner who was married to Robert Kardashian, if you don’t know who he is, he was O.J.’s lawyer in the 80’s. Kris and Robert had four kids. Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob. After Kris and Robert divorced and he died, she remarried Bruce. They ended up having two more kids. Kendall and Kylie Jenner. I’m surprised I remembered that much.

The first time I watched “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” I thought to myself, “it’s just another snobby rich family.” In a sense I was right. Then after a few episodes I started to have favorites. I liked Kourtney and Rob. I always have. Everybody else I hated pretty much. They have other shows on E! revolving around them. Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Khloe and Lamar. It’s just nonstop! Kendall is modeling now, and she was in Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn because her older brother Brody Jenner is dating Avril.

Everytime I see anyone of them in the news, besides Rob and Kourtney, it drives me into the wall. I don’t want to hear Kim upset how she may never have kids. I have one thing to say about that. Who cares if you don’t get married, you can have a kid and not be married. Adopt a baby or get artifical insemination. Obviously Kim has never seen “The Back-Up Plan” before. Kourtney is in the news now because her and Scott are pregnant again with baby number two! I don’t usually see anything about Khloe or Rob in the news, which might be a good thing really. I don’t like Kris Jenner. she gets on my damn nerves. Her and Khloe both do,

Movie Review: Zookeeper

This is such a cute movie! Kevin James is such a good actor. Most of his movies been in are freaking hilarious! Somehow everytime they put animals in it, it makes things that much funnier. How this whole movie was so enjoyable because the animals were trying to help Kevin James’ character “Griffith” try and win back this snobby girl who he loved very much but when he proposed to her five years earlier she declined because he was a Zookeeper. I pretty much hated her guts!

Having Kevin is one thing to be happy about, but having Rosario Dawson, Donnie Wahlberg, Maya Rudoph, and Cher in this movie really made it awesome! I thought Donnie Wahlberg was going to voice one of the animals, but no, he plays a jerk zookeeper instead. Maya Rudoph plays the Giraffe. I knew I recongized that voice from somewhere another voice I knew was the female lion. Cher is the female lion. I literally went back and forth to who that voice was. For some reason I kept imagining Happy Potter, but I was definitely wrong.

This movie is definitely a family movie. Seeing Griffith and the Gorilla, Bernie singing to Flo Rida’s “Low” was just the best thing ever. So funny! Having the Monkey say “throw poop at her!” When Griffth asked the animals for help through the phone. The poor crow got a bad rap. All he wanted was be a Zoo animal. I felt bad for him. Kids would definitely love this movie. I’m a kid at heart and I enjoyed this movie.

First Snow

It is starting to feel like wintertime, even though I don’t think it’s that yet. I think it’s still fall. It usually starts snowing around the second week in November, this time it got very close to December. Two days worth actually. When I first got up this morning, which was an hour ago. I thought we were going to get another storm. All we’ve gotten the past few days was rain. Nonstop it felt like really. It was so yucky and not very light enough to light up my room. Since I can’t turn on my light myself I kind of hope for a sunny day, it hardly happens. So I just sit in the dark but thankfully the TV and laptop have good lights on them when it gets very dark in the mornings.

My mom just got up and came in here and looked out my window besides I was giddy and wanted to show her the snow outside. I forgot she has to drive in this stuff, but the only thing it’s sticking to is the roofs and cars. So her truck is practically covered with snow. I don’t really see the snow on the ground but I also can’t see the ground in the first place. I’m just happy I can see it outside my window and it looks pretty. As much as I love summer, I love winter too! I like the snow, not the cold weather that has to come with it. I can deal without it.

Movie Review: Bad Teacher (UNRATED)

Finally! I got to watch this movie! I really wanted to see it in theaters but that didn’t happen. When I first started watching it, it gave me two choices. Thertical or unrated. I chose unrated, because movies are usually more hilarious when they’re unrated. This movie was what I was expecting! The title is definitely the truth. She is one “badass teacher.” I know a few people who probably wish some teachers they had were like this sometimes. She was crazy, but hilarious!

Cameron Diaz is a badass in her own right. I’ve watched her in Charlie’s Angels and loved how badass she was on there. I would never expect to see her as a teachers acting like this though. She played her character very well. I believed everything until it was over. I liked how things ended for her, well somewhat. There’s a part at the last that actually disturbed me a little. Besides Cameron, I liked Lucy Punch at the beginning but the end of the movie she was very annoying. It showed how much Karma really is a bitch. Another one I liked was, Phyillis Smith who played “Lynn” she was sweet and I hated Cameron’s character “Elizabeth” for not being a better friend until the end.

Now there is a reason why I wanted this movie so bad and that was because of Justin Timberlake. He was so cute with his glasses and trying to not sing. His character “Scott” though got on my nerves. After Elizabeth told him about Amy, and his expression I thought he was done with her, but instead the two of them kept flirting. That confused the shit out of me. The sex scene was hilarious and you know that’s got to be awkward as hell. Cameron and Justin use to date, I know they’ve moved on and such, but still I liked them as a couple and seeing that made me feel uncomfortable. Especially his pants, that part gave me a good laugh. John Michael Higgins is my favorite show “Happily Divorced” so seeing him on here and acting the way he was made me happy. He made me laugh too. Jason Segal, his character “Russell” was adorable! He tried his hardest to get Elizabeth’s attention and it never worked but he sure didn’t give up though.