Getting Past Volume 10

I’ve had my share of stereo systems and making them crash in some way. It’s usually been something about the disc skip button. That’s how I ruined three out of four of them. The fourth one was my sister’s, thanfully for her I didn’t break it. After my third strike everybody should have taken them all away, but my sister was sweet and let me have it. She never used it because of all her animals she had in her room. They couldn’t handle loud noises, and I’m thinking that’s probably why I couldn’t keep a fish alive too. Blame it on the bass.

Everytime my dad’s plugged them all in the wall, he is like me he wants to test it out. However he is his own way of testing it. He puts Country music because the first thing that pops up whenever it starts up its on radio. So anytime the power goes off and comes back again, I have to switch it back and turn it down just in case. Nothing against Country music or anything, but if you really want to test it put anything hip hop, rock, and electrica music on and that would be the best thing to test it on. Bass works really with those three. You can definitely hear it from a couple rooms and feel the room shake. It’s all fun!

Dad plugged in the one I use now a few years ago. He tested it by using the radio and surprising put it on 91.1 which is a local station here that plays today’s biggest hits in everything, well almost everything and it was awesome! He even cranked it up to 23. Which it has never been at since. Getting past 10 on volume is a little tricky. Dad doesn’t like my techno stuff and he definitely doesn’t want anything to ruin his surround sound on TV when it watches his ball games. So it’s usually stuck on 9 or 10. Where the bass isn’t at it’s best but you can still hear it, but it doesn’t shake my room. Mom likes my music, well some and I think she’d rather have it on 10. Whenever nobody is in the house, I’m a little afraid that the neighbors will call the police of my “loud music” so I keep it at 10. Today is the first day I’ve ever put it on 11. It’s very loud, the bass is amazing, and my room is doing an awful lot of shaking. So as you can see, I don’t care and I just want to enjoy my good mood. So now I’m going to turn it off.

Oooooh Jeff-fa-fa Oh Jeff-fa-fa Without Me You Would Suck-ka-ka

It’s that time of the year where Comedy Central starts to play there comedy Holiday specials. At least they better. All day yesterday it was a Jeff Dunham/Blue Collar Comedy Tour kind of day. Ron White on Comedy Central yesterday, and I missed it. It’s all good though because he actually gets on my nerves sometimes. I love the other three though. Anyways, Wednesday I finally got to watch Jeff Dunham: Birth of a Dummy special on the Biography channel. It was on the week before an hour early before Dancing With The Stars finale and I only got to watch it for 30 minutes because it started at 8pm and I had Last Man Standing to watch. So that’s why. 

I watched the whole thing and I’ve never liked those old puppets because of a Goosebumps episode that creepied me out when I was little. Not only did that show ruin puppets for me but also clowns. I was so suprised to what all has to be done for one of these cool things to be created. They recorded what it took to make a new character for Jeff’s new show. Everytime they came back from a commerical they would show everything that Jeff has to do to make his character AJ, from scupting it to his own voice. They also showed certain clips from Peanut, Walter, and Achmed. At the end, it showed the finally result of AJ and the last bit of his new DVD “Controlled Choas.”

I think I’ve seen all of the DVD’s they put out of him. They say you can’t laugh twice from the same joke. I don’t follow this saying at all. It never gets old. I’ve seen “Arguing With Myself” over 20 times and I can laugh through the whole damn thing. I’ve recently noticed I think I’m more obsessed than addicted now since my Christmas list is just full of Jeff Dunham. My mom did a really stupid thing recently too. She told my sister and I back in October that she and dad found out the Jeff Dunham was coming to Evansville in February, and they were thinking about getting tickets for us all to go, but unfortunately between January and February are the months were it decides to snow the most. I would love to him live because that would be freaking amazing! It all depends on the freaking snow which just sucks!

Lies Of The Beautiful People

Everybody knows I’m not into horror movies and creepy stuff like that. I try to keep myself away from that type of stuff and I will say I’m 20 years old and I’m still freaked out by it all, but I’ve been on this Sixx: AM kick for the past few days. My friend Mandy got me into this song and I’ve actual heard it a couple times on Octane, but with my sense of hating creepy people. I know it sounds so harsh, but I’ve always thought that way and I hate how I am at times but I don’t think I’ll ever get over that fully. Anyways, I bought the song the other day along with a few other rock songs from bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, Nickelback and Weaving The Fate. I’m seriously considering to put Sixx: AM on my Christmas list. I want CDs not the actual band, I think that would potentially kill me than anything else.

I kind of made this vow a little after I got into Linkin Park, hell rock music in general. I vowed to never watch a music video by a band that is like Five Finger Death Punch. I broke that vow a long time ago. So with that being said, I’ve only watched one Five Finger Death Punch and it was “The Bleeding.” I’ve watched Since October’s “The Way You Move” and Adelita’s Way “Sick” music videos and gotten even more into them. I don’t like Slipknot but I like Hollywood Undead and they both wear masks and I have never watched any of their videos. I think it’s safe to say I can now since I just watched “Lies Of The Beautiful People” and I just want to say I’m so happy that there are nice musicians in this world who will use actual handicapped people in their videos instead of having them acting it out themselves.