Upside Down

Yesterday was an interesting day all in its own. I listened to Guns N Roses early in the morning for the first time and actually liked it. That whole day was debating over if I should go with the plan I had the day before when I went searching on my TV Guide and I found out on our music channel (that replaced FUSE) was showing a concert of Motley Crue and I instantly thought, “why the hell not?” So the whole day I had decided at six (ironic isn’t it?) that I’d watch it. Not only did I not tell my mom about it because I knew she’d tease me about it. I made the mistake of telling my dad. He wasn’t bad as I thought it would be about it.

Around 4 in the afternoon, I got surprisingly anxious. I was expecting something crazy, but not like this. Not judging them, but I wasn’t use to their production and I’m surprised of how long I lasted. I was actually proud of myself that I watched it and enjoyed it. I watched Tommy Lee’s drum solo and he was in a harness and he went up in the air and went to each corner of the stage and played different drums. Went back and forth, back and forth. Kind of like Chris Brown’s performance on MTV Video Music Awards to “Yeah x3” were they lifted him up in the air and he did flips. However I kept thinking “don’t get stuck! Don’t get stuck!” He didn’t. Thank God.

Well when my mom came home I had to tell her about my “interesting” day and I was shocked that my dad didn’t tell her a thing. I was ready to pass out but I still needed to tell her about my afternoon. She already knew about the Guns N Roses part. When I told her what I watched, it was like she went “THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!” Not even kidding! She had told me about how my uncle use to work on stage productions when he was younger, (not saying he’s old or anything) and Motley Crue was one of the bands he apparently helped out. So my mom went on about this shirt he had, I won’t go into much of the story. But I will say, my mom REALLY wanted this shirt. She’s got it now so you already know the ending of it. She actually knew where it was in her room and she brought it out to show me. I thought at first she was going to give it to me but I’m going to be done some serious begging to get my feet on that shirt.

Afterwards, she asked if Tommy did this thing where he spins. I didn’t understand what she meant. Even my dad asked me while I was watching it if he did it but then we both realized it was a different show. The one he was thinking was in the 80 or 90s and the one I watched seemed too new to be in that category. Anyways, mom explained, or at least tried to explain about how he just spins. Drumset and all. So she grabs the laptop, which was turned off completely and turned it on and thankfully everything loaded smoothly and quick because there was no way in hell I was going to wait five minutes for everything to load. She searched on Google and we watched the first video that pulled up and I was stunned. Sadly, I thought to myself well Rob Bourdon does not come close to that. I felt bad thinking that of course but it was true. I thought it was awesome! Drummers have a lot of energy that I usually lose in about an hour or less. Yeah, so that was my night.

Snack Time

During my Senior year I was more independent on doing things. I liked having that much freedom and didn’t have to worry about people piss me off. Both Junior and Senior years sucked, but they had their good moments. Since I left my classes five minutes early, unless it was a class I needed to be in there we stayed the whole time and I got to “beat the kids” to my classes. I liked leaving early and being the hallway with them. I liked seeing them and talking to them. However, I always loved leaving second period early and waiting for the bell to ring for concert choir.

It was my second favorite class during my senior year out of like four classes I just adored. Our teacher never really cared if we brought food or drinks into his room, unless we cleaned up after ourselves and only had bottled water. School rule. I remember getting something from the venting machine daily for that class. Sometimes during classes I felt weird, I would shake and sweat a lot. I only did this if I hadn’t eaten anything for awhile. I tried to keep gum and candy on hand just in case these would start up. So anytime I had money I got something out of the venting machine. Sometimes my friend Darcie would bring in different things and she gladly shared with our little group. We were a fun group and we definitely didn’t need any sugar in our systems. I would eat a little and save it (or try to) for another free time I had in a class. It would be weird for me to ask my parents for change to get something but it worked everytime.