My Cigar Box Collection!


Hello everybody!

Does anybody remember a blog post I did back in January, where I talked about a cigar box that my dad gave me one afternoon and I decided to put my papaw’s rock collection in it? Well, if you don’t, I called the post “The Treasure Box” and at the time I thought that was going to be the only box I would be given from my dad, but I was wrong! Since then, I was manged to have three more and yes, I have started my own little cigar box collection on accident!

Just so we’re all on the same page, I don’t smoke cigars or cigarettes! I just like the heavily decorated boxes! My mom told me, “you certainly have a lot of cigar boxes for a person that hates smoking!” It’s true, but I don’t advocate for it though! And I recently said that I just got rid of a bunch of boxes I’ve used for storage for my bookshelf and I keep getting these suckers! Oh, well!

Okay, the first box I am going to talk about is my biggest box so far! It is a white rectangle box with a thin wrapping all around the top of it. The brand of cigars that my dad likes the most are Cubans, of course! This brand is called “My Father Cigars” and it seems to be in production since 1922 and out of the boxes, this is probably my favorite because the top section below is just beautiful! Very elegant despite the fact that what was stored inside of it was tobacco!


It might look great on the outside, but unfortunately it does have a couple of downfalls about it. One is the fact that every box has a latch in the front to “lock” the boxes and this one does not close all the way and so the latch is basically useless! The other bad part of it is that it is very thin. You have to store anything that is flat, so that’s why in my bookshelf tour post I did has it down on my lower shelf because it basically has all of my un-important items that I don’t use a lot of the time!

The second (or third) box if you will! I want to say it is the same size of the first box. It’s just not as fancy whereas the treasure box has a more sheen to it and this one isn’t, but I’ll get to that in a minute! The brand of this one is called Nica Puro (I have no idea what it means!) and you see the number “1685” on the box and you automatically think that it would mean a year started production, but I have a theory that it just might be part of the brand itself since it has those numbers all around the border of the box! Like I said, it’s just a theory, nothing’s set in stone here!


Unlike the white one, it’s not even as decorated as the white one so that part kind of sucks but I do use it for more things because it has more room. I have some cards and envelopes, anything of that nature where if I need it or want to store something for later – I can! On the plus side, the latch on this box is a lot better, probably a little too good since everytime I need it I have to tip it over and unlatch it and flip it back over to get it open.


Other than that, I don’t really have any need for it, but like with every addiction I seem to have I can’t say no to it!


My nana has sort of promised me that I was allowed to have a couple of my papaw’s cigar boxes too! So far I only have in possession of one box and this is very worn and it is from a company based in New York called “Nickelby” I kept wanting to say “Nickelback” everytime I saw it. I think the main difference between the first two and this box is that when this one was sold, it only cost 5 cents! My dad has a larger box for his cigars and it was about $80! In ways, I don’t want to know how much the others were before he brought them home to me!

After I came home with this and put it into my bookshelf, my dad became very jealous over the fact that I had an older box, one of my papaw’s or his dad’s boxes (we’re still not sure, because papaw didn’t smoke cigars!). When I told nana about how he was acting about it, she found another box and we gave it to him! He’s happy now!


So what do you think? Do you collect any boxes or anything like that? 


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DIY: The Pumpkins!



I’ve been keeping everybody on their toes about these damn pumpkins and if it wasn’t for my mom, we probably wouldn’t had done them this year!

I’ve done so many posts about these pumpkins that they’ve sort of been embedded into my brain. The only thing that my nana and I tend to forget every year is the prep! Our whole setup was different from the years before because the chair she normally sat in to actually melt the crayons on the pumpkins is gone and the chair that is in its place is papaw’s chair, which everybody is in agreement that it is NOT comfortable to sit in. It’s a damn miracle that my papaw would sit in it everyday!

Anyways, we mostly had to everything on the opposite part of the kitchen and at one point, my poor nana got stuck between the white box and her other chair by the sink and said a very bad word!

Oh, and I tried to kill a cricket in between all of this too!


What you will need for this:

  • Pumpkin (we used both white and orange)
  • Crayons
  • Hot glue gun and/or Elmer’s glue (we used both!)
  • Hair dryer
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Newspapers
  • Glitter

This year, my nana got a couple of white pumpkins and they are very cute! They’re real, not fake, because I think they would have weighted a little less especially with the one we decided to work with that day! The day before, I picked out a couple of crayons that I figured would turn out pretty good on it. I finally got to use a orange!! Because you can never use that color with a regular pumpkin. A way to get the crayons out of their wrappers, you need to soak them in a cup of water for a little bit so they become easier to peel for you! However, this year my nana just decided to not to do that – she might be gaining some patience after all!

We used an old calendar as a protector of the foam box, we didn’t feel like lighting anything on fire! Not saying we’ve ever done that either, but we’re very cautious! Anyways, I put the pumpkin on top of the aluminium foil and folded the sides inward to help keep the crayons from drippings onto the floor or wall! We sometimes wear newspapers at our legs to help protect from the heat of the hair dryer and splatters of the melting wax!

We broke the crayons into halves (or tried) and put around 12 or 13 sticks of them all around the top of the pumpkin with the hot glue gun and I basically gave this job to my nana after the second one because it always worries me; doesn’t necessarily make her feel any better either I’m sure! As for the second pumpkin, we had to use regular Elmer’s glue because the hot glue wasn’t working so just before we turned on the hair dryer to start the melting process, we reinforced the crayons to their spots. I went for the bright but also picked a couple of darker colors to line up at the top. The ending result was very pretty! I sort of liked the dark colors on it better than the neon ones, especially the violet and gray!


Have you enjoyed all of the craft-y projects we’ve been doing lately? What have you made for this fall or Halloween?


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Photo Diary | Between Summer & Fall



I have to say, this was a last minute post for this week because originally I had a full week of posts but when I took out the “Life Lately” post two weeks ago and I totally forgot about it! So in order to make up the normal routine, I realized it’s been a while since I’ve published a photo diary!

As I was looking back through the four (yes, I said “four”) photo albums that I’ve managed to create from the end of June to now, and I found I literally have less pictures of our cats. Now there could be two explanations: 1.) I am uploading my pictures at my nana’s and I don’t want to bother her with all of the photos of the cats, even though she does love them! 2.) I haven’t been going outside very much! I don’t like summer weather, (mostly the bugs) and that’s usually the reason why I never have anything too exciting to talk about on here between the end of May to the start of September! So with my luck, both could be the right answer!

I tried my hardest to select the good quality photos for this, but there are a couple that if I could I would enhance a bit because the day was either cloudy or they were in a suck-y spot. And if you have cats, you know you can’t move them unless you want to lose the opportunity altogether! Funny enough, this also works with Chipper too! He is a very hyper hound and he is always running around! My sister said he weighs over 40 pounds now! He’s starting to look like a pit bull now too, which is good considering he’s been looking like a horse since May! He still gallops around the house… but I still adore the crap out of him!

I tried to get everybody, but unfortunately I didn’t have any “good” shots of Bootsie, Midget, Bear-Bear, or Grumpy! However, Tubby has come around to the porch a couple of times and surprisingly, he still loves to be petted and gives us hugs too, well as long as the others stay off the porch or then it could turn ugly quick! Okay, I’m done rambling!🙂



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DIY: Candy Corn Banner!



I think the main reason why I look forward to October so much is because it awakens my creative side for a while! It’s about the only holiday that allows me to be that way. People are usually doing the same thing, whether it’s decorating the outside of their house or dressing up for Halloween parties! For my nana and I, we don’t have that luxury, so we have to find ways to let ourselves out of our cages. We love to do little crafts with each other! And Halloween is our biggest and funnest season of the year!

A certain project we always do is pumpkin related. I’ve been working with pumpkins since 2012 and I love doing silly things with them, but this year I was inspired by a couple of things I had seen on my Pinterest feed. Unfortunately, none of them were about pumpkins per se, but I thought they would something easy and fun for the two of us to do instead!

I found a pin for a candy corn banner, and when I saw this I was very excited because I can’t have any fairy lights in my room but I thought a banner would be cute somewhere in my room. And when I showed it to my nana, she seemed to like the idea too!


What you will need for this:

  • Paper plates
  • Orange and yellow paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Yarn
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors

My nana loves paper plates, I think people in generally love using paper plates more than regular dishes because you don’t have to wash them, you can just throw it into the trash once you’re finished with it!

We only used two of them for this project. One of the things that we did was different from the normal directions was the fact we needed an outline of the candy corn on the actual plate so she came up with this ingenious plan of using a plastic cup to be a model for the middle and traced it where the white section of the candy would be, but to make thing easier on us, I also made lines around the upper half of the plate to tell us to stop painting orange at this stage.


After completing this, we moved onto the actual painting and I use to hate, H-A-T-E painting! Now I find it sort of soothing despite the fact I still suck at it! Anyways, I came up with the idea of switching colors and paint brushes whenever the other person was finished so we weren’t both wanting the same color. We used “number paints” those paints that come with coloring books that has numbers of the colors you painted? We have three rows of different colors and don’t worry, you will see those soon! The easiest area to fill in was the yellow! The orange was good, but if I want to continue to paint little things, I’m going to have to buy new paints!


Next I think we took a 10-15 minute break in between to let do them dry. And once they were good to go, my nana got out her scissors and began to cut them in half horizontal and once they were four halves she cut them again this time vertically and then started cutting them into little pizza slices until you end up with eight candy corn pieces!

At this stage, you can start by flipping them upside down and place a section of the yarn on the back of the candy corn and use strains of masking tape to make them stick together. We tried the Scotch tape that was doubled sided but it wasn’t really working for us so we switched to the masking tape and it ended up being a better choice! We didn’t measure out how far we wanted to place the shapes either, I tried to estimate the space as much as I could whenever I placed a new triangle but we liked the freeform of it.


And there you have it! A finished candy corn banner! She initially wanted it around the back of her door knob, but I talked her into tying the ends across two of her lower cabinets in her kitchen. One of them she doesn’t necessarily use all the time so it wouldn’t cause her any friction later. I actually think it looks really cute there too! Mine is underneath my Five Finger Death Punch poster as I have an open area there and I felt it would be better there!


So what do you think of our little creation? When do you get the most creative? What are your favorite crafts or projects to do? 


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The Making Of “Alex”



So I have another interesting post for you! And yes, I had a lot of fun creating this little masterpiece!

My parents like to make our front porch very festive in the following seasons. They’ve put Christmas lights around the actual porch, flower pots on the edges, and even a bird feeder! My mom has these little spurts where she wants to make the house look really nice but with all of our cats that roam around the place, they tend to mark their territory and basically kill every living plant she puts out. The only thing that we can put outside that they don’t necessarily attack are the pumpkins and her Scarecrow that she has placed into the ground.

I want to say around 2014, when she bought the first Scarecrow that our cats basically killed, she bought my nana her own Scarecrow! Since neither one of my grandparents were able to get out on their own in the yard, my nana has a small section of cute array of statues. My mom figured that’s where she’d want it to be placed, but I don’t think it ever lasted a month outside for more than a month!


She’s has tons of creative ideas, it’s the whole thing of being able to do them that I feel is her problem. I know she misses having a yard where she can go out and plant different flowers, watering them every other afternoon, and just being able to sit outside to enjoy the nice weather! When both of my grandparent’s balances became an issue and they started using wheelchairs full-time, going out at all was nonsexist for them.

Now she has to get her creative juices out by using different resources. Luckily, she was already doing one long before she was in her wheelchair.

Remember I was talking about those statuses on her porch? At one point, she had these ceramic Geese, they had eyes and beautiful colors that your normal ducks would have, but the only difference was she used to make them little outfits. In the beginning they had little jackets made out of material she had left after making us grandkids blankets and then finally, when it was warmer outside she just made them hats that tied around the lower part of their beaks.

This Scarecrow like every other stuffed animal that I have owned, has a name, but it’s not just any name. This Scarecrow is transgender, so in the beginning when my mom dropped her off it was “Alexandra” somehow later it changed to “Alexander” and finally just “Alex” to make things easier for papaw to understand… My nana has given it a haircut and stripped it of some of its clothes and she exchanged them with dresses and holiday garments instead.


She even has a teddy bear that she decorated in full costume. He is her “Biker Bear” and this was inspired by my dad and motorcycle friends. This little bear has a leather vest, and I’m still confused whether or not they are in fact booties or if she wants them to be called “chaps.” To finish it off, she added a pink leopard print bandana around its ears! Like the geese above, this is another stuffed animal that just appeared naked and then she dressed it up a bit!

So she’s always had a knack for things like this, but when my mom gave her this Scarecrow that everything sort of changed, drastically!

For this Halloween, it has a full on Batman theme going! My Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike found a small Batman costume as the store and dressed it up in it, it uses a black trash bag as it’s mask and it has–not kidding–these zip up baggies on its hands that literally have the Batman symbol on them! They really do go all out this time around!



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10 Things I Love About Fall!



I’m back again for one of these list type of posts! I actually enjoyed working on the 10 Things I Love About Spring post. Again, I got the idea from fellow blogger Dorkface as she put up a list of different blog post ideas and this was one I took from the whole thing!

It’s very hard to list everything I love about autumn, or “fall” as everybody keeps telling me. I’m friends with too many European people and they say “autumn” so get off my back! I can call it whatever I want! I mean, they both mean the same thing! Anyways, if I wish I could do more than just ten things, because that’s how much I love this season! Since I only put ten for spring, I’m going to keep it that way!

 1. The slow process of the leaves changing colors!
2. Our cats getting their thick, winter fur! (I know that’s weird, but I happen to love it!)
3. Soups!
4. Watching action movies! 
5. The overwhelming smell of cinnamon and apples!
6. Kids and babies dressing up to go trick-or-treating
7. Reading thick books
8. Football games!
9. DIY projects with my nana!
10. My birthday!

So what are you looking forward to the most about fall?


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Fall Nail Polishes


Hello again!

Back in May, I wrote a post about my favorite spring nail polishes! Now I’m back with my second post discussing some fall colored polishes!

If you guys and gals don’t know, I don’t get my nails professionally done. I’m super ticklish and unfortunately with my condition Arthrogryposis, I can’t move my hands much less my fingers out enough for somebody to give me a fresh coat of paint. Luckily for me, I don’t have to go without getting my nails painted because my nana loves doing them for me! She also has a lot of patience too! Every color is in my nana’s collection and in a matter of three years or so, we’ve consumed a lot! Sometimes I can’t be trusted in the beauty sections at the store! I’ve had family members try to redirect my attention somewhere else, that’s how bad I’ve become lately!

I’ve sort of upgraded to 11 bold colors that I felt represented autumn for myself! I wanted to wear very bright, pastel-y shades in the spring and summer; now that we’re heading into fall and winter I like to wear a lot of darker colors and this is no exception! So let’s get right into it!



This time I wanted to separate them out a little bit more, so each batch of polishes are divided into their own sections. So beginning with the brand Milani surprisingly my nana a few of these little bottles!

26 “Quick Teal”

Despite the orange shades in this post, this one is the only bright color of the bunch! I actually added it for a reason. Just because I prefer dark shades for fall and winter, doesn’t mean I can’t add a pop of color sometime! However, I’ve never tried this shade so I can’t tell you how many coats you have to put on to get that color of the bottle. I do think it’s a good color to have if you’re like me and wear black and browns a lot during the colder months!

581 “Lavender” 

Here’s what is so interesting about this one. I am not a fan of glitter-y polishes, mostly because they are such a bitch to remove if you had to put on more than two coats. Also, I’m picturing lavender as a very light shade and this isn’t light at all. It’s more of a royal tone and that’s the reason why I put it onto this post, because I am a lover of darker purples than lighter.

99 “Blackberry Baby”

The first thing that popped into my head when I grabbed ahold of this bottle was that it looked like a burgundy shade of red. It’s very dark, in ways “seductive” as the normal bright red tone, but on the sides of the container it has little glittery notes. I’m not entirely sure if that’s the bottle reflecting the kitchen light off of it or if it does in fact have glitter inside it.

46 “Black Magic”

As I wrote out the name and number of the black polish on the right, I kept picturing Emilia SacconeJoly singing part of the chorus of Little Mix’s song “Black Magic” in my head.

Anyways, yes my nana has a black polish in her cabinet and surprisingly enough, she is the one who bought it! She’s only used it a handful of times, but she has had black nails, but I haven’t, which is shocking considered my reputation! I think I would wear it if I could figure out how to take away the glare, I want a matte shade of black than anything else!

Pure Ice and Wet & Wild:


These were the only two polishes that I chose that obviously don’t belong to the same brand. Both of these polishes were given some legendary names I have to say! Again, we’ll be starting from left to right again!

775 “Frosted Ice Celestial”

This one I feel like is more in the late fall and early winter category than anywhere else! The Teal from the beginning belongs in this post than this one does, but I liked the royal shade of it and it did remind of the last bit of November and the months after! Like with the Blackberry Baby this one also produces some glossy effects from inside the bottle. Whether or not, it’s from the flash of my camera is totally another story!

206 “SaGreena the Teenage Witch”

I’m not joking, that is the name of this emerald color of polish! Trust me, I had to do a double take while I was writing it out! I thought it was so cute!

This symbolizes Halloween for me, along of course with the orange polishes I selected down below, but this is a very mysterious color. It’s not bright like in a happy sense as to the one I included in the spring collection, but this is more, the only way I can describe it as if a stranger–a mysterious woman walked around a dark corner trying to tantalize a man or woman; like a spider does with prey! Sorry for the crappy metaphor, I really tried!

Sally Hansen


As you might know if you’ve read my previous Nails Of The Month posts, my nana and I are big fans of Sally Hansen! We have tons of different versions of polishes and you can clearly see that here in this line.

150 “Sun-Kissed”

I have added two different shades of orange onto this post, one is lighter, whereas this one is the bold, in your face, pumpkin shade of orange that we all sort of gravitate towards at this time of the year! I like the title as it does remind me of the Sun Kist drink that I no longer drink!

136 “Go For Gold”

This was one of the last colors I had on my toes! I want to say maybe July?! I think so. Anyways, this is another one like the Frosted Ice Celestial that I feel like it doesn’t necessarily belong in the autumnal category, despite the fact that people do consider gold as a fall stable sometimes, I wouldn’t say a sparkly shade of gold would fit for this, but still I had to add it into the post!

375 “Gone Grey”

This title made me think of both the “Gone Girl” and “Fifth Shades” books!

You’re probably wondering why I wanted to put a gray shade into this post. Well, honestly I think gray is neutral color that basically fits any season except for maybe summer! It has more of a slick look to it that I really liked for the whole feeling of fall for me!

470 “Unbreakable Heart”

This one ultimately belongs on the winter part, but I also had to remind myself of both apples and cinnamon, it has a kind of warmth quality that I am, well everyone looks for during the start of the colder months! October and November has hints of orange, yellow, brown, red and sometimes a dark shade of green too! So I couldn’t leave it out completely!

460 “Snappy Sorbet”

Lastly, we have this light shade of orange. Even though, it has more of a coral look to it! It’s not in your face as maybe my Junior prom dress did (I looked like a big ole salmon!) in 2009 but I think it’s still a good fall inspired color! If you’re missing the summer, this is a good shade of both pink and orange you can wear for the start of fall!

So what do you think of these colors? What represents fall to you?


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