Fun Day In December

So today is Saturday and it’s been a hectic one from the moment I got up and looked at the clock. We took my nana into town to CVS and shopped for Christmas gifts. It was fun, but I’ve got to say taking two wheelchairs in these aisles was interesting. There wasn’t enough room for just my wheelchair. Mine’s not as wide as hers either and I still had more trouble getting around then her. We both kept running into the shelves because we’d think there’s enough room to turn around when there wasn’t. Everytime I would grab ahold of something they would fall down on the floor and I’d have to get my mom to help me to put it back. I was trying to get my papaw’s favorite candies, and I could reach them, but when I tried to balance them on my right foot they dropped to the floor. I tried to pick them up, but failed. Mom grabbed them (after I had the second bag in my other foot) and put them into the cart.

I’ve been wanting to get my hair dyed again for awhile. All my red is gone and I want another color in. I’ve gotten my hair cut and got my bangs cut like everybody wanted me to, I think I should be allowed to dye my hair another color. However, nobody’s let me do it yet. It’s probably because I want my hair purple. Like, really dark purple. I’ve had red in my hair and now I want my favorite color. So I found the hair dye at CVS and I went to grab ahold of it and balance it in my right foot (already knowing it would fall) and drive with my left foot. I didn’t get to my controller before it fell onto the floor. So I went to were everybody else was at and asked my mom if I could dye my hair purple? Her answer was no. My replied back to that went something like this, “Ok then, but can you pick it off the floor because I dropped it.” All of us started laughing.

All four of us were trying to figure out where to go next. Even though I pretty much went through every aisle and looked at the most weirdest things. We were all parked by the card section in the back and my mom and I started going the ones that had sounds in them. There was a few that were stupid and there were ones that were priceless. The “Bill Engvall” birthday card was freaking hilarious! I want that card next year for my birthday. Not even kidding! One of the last ones we looked at was this card with a cute dog on it and I don’t really remember what it had on the front, but when you opened it up, the dog inside is vibrating and really funny part of it was that dog was placed this drawing of a person’s legs. It was cute at first but really racy at the end.