Well…. That Was Fun!

So last night was just fun and I mean that in most sacrastic way possible. It was like Thursday night in a sense. I hated Thursday night because of the reasons I already talked about on a earlier post. Except this time around, I was more worried than bawling my eyes out over a friendship. Last night was a home game. My sister Emily is a cheerleader, my mom and I got up there at the game a little before Junior Varisty’s game ended. It started like all the other games, except I got to see one of my favorite teachers, we talked about different things. As soon as the Varisty game did their line up. The cheerleaders did their builds and that’s where it all went down to hell.

My mom had watched them practice these builds before the Varisty game actually got started. She was nervous, and of course I didn’t want to be all stalkerish towards my sister. She gets nervous enough when we go there to watch her in the first place. Mom tried explaining the build to me, but it was too loud and the other team was practicing and I didn’t want to get to far up because a basketball might come up and hit me. After the Swing Choir sang the National Anthem like these always do. I had sent a tweet onto my Twitter saying “Hoping I don’t get hit with a ball & Em doesn’t fall out of a build.” Ten minutes after sending that sucker it came back to kick me in the ass. My mom and I were watching her and hoping to God she didn’t fall. The build was getting the flyer (my sister) up in the air and having her bend over slightly and as the annoucer said a player’s name, the girls at the bottom flipped her over. Mom said it looked better than what it did when they practiced it behind us.

A little after they finished. Sam had ahold of Emily, and she was hopping on one foot. If you don’t know my sister, she’s got the worst luck with getting hurt after builds. The thing was, it looked right. She technically didn’t fall out of it, she said she just landed crooked. She pushed backed her big toe. Kind of like what use to happen to my foot when I was little. I’d get my right foot caught somewhere between a wall or door and I’d be going forward but my foot would be pushed back til it hurt. We had to leave the game just after they announced the players. She had a lady, mom, and some of the cheerleaders help her with it. She was like a bunny hopping on one leg trying to get from one place to another. As we were leaving the game she was having me speed out the door, I actually didn’t want to because I feared I’d get too fast for her one foot and she’d let go of my chair and hit her face on the floor.

When we got outside, she had some complications since she was hopping one foot, it was getting tired. My chair was helping her balance, but not really helping her foot. So we had to go old school. When she was little, she use to ride up on my wheelchair. So that’s what she did. After mom got my head rest out of the way, she hopped on the back of my chair and mom and I were hoping to God my chair wouldn’t tip over. Not saying she’s fat, but my wheelchair isn’t used to that much weight on the back. It didn’t tip. Mom took me home. The both of them went to the hospital, and found out she sprained her foot. Thankfully it wasn’t broken. She has to wear a shoe and use crutches. So I can’t call her “little bunny” anymore unless I see her wing it. I don’t recommend her doing that, but she is my sister and half of me, we tend to think we can do things after we’ve had something different done to us. Sometimes it works, and then sometimes it doesn’t.

So yeah, that was my night. Techincally, it was my mom and sister’s night. I think it’s official. Emily is done with cheerleading for good. Creepy thing, last night was a full moon. The last time she got hurt at a game. It was an away game, she actually fell out of a build and landed on her back. Went to the hospital after she came home and guess what? It was also a full moon too. She has the worst luck with full moons and landing wrong. I hope she doesn’t hurt it anymore. She makes all of us worry our asses off.