My Craziest Experience At A Shopping Mall

My craziest experience at a shopping mall. Hmmm… well I have been to the mall a lot. The only times I can remember thanking God that we were going to leave soon was when each of my parents were embarrassing me. Not my sister, me. Nobody can understand my choice of style. I’m an out there kind of person, so having clothing that shares that personality, kind of works for me. Anyways, the first story was when my fashion style was starting out, and it was when my sister was really into Hot Topic and I had never went there before. The first time I went into the store, I think my mom almost died. She definitely didn’t like metal chains, black clothes, and all that. At that time, never did I. We were both judgemental about it, but now we’re fine with it. My dad still needs a little more work, but he’ll get there, maybe.

The other story is about when my parents were trying to deal with both of us. I have my favorite stores, Emily has her’s. However, Emily has changed over the last two years in favorite stores. The smelly stores like Hollister and Aero, are no longer a demand to visit anymore. We were in Jounrey’s and my mom and sister were looking at shoes. I was at the front of the store, it’s a shoe store, it will only depress me if I spend too much time in there. When I was in there, looking around, I found the Converse and my dad starts talking to the guy who worked there about how these were the shoes of the 80s and all that. It was so embarrassing! It was really awkward, and luckily enough I wasn’t the only one who thought that either. Thank god.

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