A-Z Disability Challenge


In 2019, I created a challenge for myself. I thought I wasn’t discussing enough disability topics on my blog and wanted to bring it back in a new exciting way to you. It took me over three months to develop it, but I ultimately decided on calling it: A-Z Disability Challenge.

The themes I discussed were both opinionated and personal for me. I thought I covered a lot of things that I tend to push aside because they can be quite bold. However, this was part of my challenge to it as well. While I was writing it for you, I was publishing it because I needed to let it go. All of my anger, sadness, etc that would built up surrounding some of the subjects was out for everyone to see finally and it actually felt really good to do this!

This page is your index of the posts I wrote for all of the letters of the alphabet. Hope you enjoy them!

A – Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita
B – Building Trust
C – Be Truthful To Your Children
D – Dear Disability Community
E – Events
F – Treat Your Friends In The Way You’d Want To Be Treated
G – Long Term Goals
H – Asking For Help
I = The Real Definition Of The Word “Inspiration”
J – Just Watch Me
K – Why Kids Should Be Educated About The Various Types Of Disabilities
L – Life Lately
M – Do You Think You Take Too Much Medication?
N – What I Want To Bring To Nolan’s Life
O – Saying “Yes” To Opportunities
P – The Perks Of Being Disabled
Q – Q&A
R – The “R” Word
S – Sexuality
T – Titanium
U – Unconditional Love + Support
V – Voiceless
W – Wheelchairs
X – X Marks The Spot
Y – Let’s Talk About You
Z – Zoom