Things I’ve Done

I’ve been bored and thinking of things I have done. Some are from my bucket list and then the rest are not. A lot are from when I was little and I am working on my Pinterest board. Some of these are not included in the board. I’ll be adding more and more as the days go on.

Β Tie dye a shirt
Change someone’s life
Eat at subway
Try Ben & Jerry’s
Build something at Build-A-Bear
Have a food fight
Dye my hair red.
Own a goldfish.
Own something from Victoria’s Secret.
Have a surprise party thrown for me.
Be retweeted by someone famous on Twitter.
Strawberries dipped in chocolate.
Live part December 21, 2012
Try Nutella
Go To Disney World.
Try a Starbucks coffee.
Be apart of a flash mob.
Accept myself.
Graduate high school.
Attended college.
Try Jello shots.
Been to Barnes & Noble.
Made special Christmas gifts.
I’ve finished a novel.
Go on a family vacation.
Stay at a motel.
Have a pen pal.
Learn how to swim.
Plant flowers.
Be able to do the splits.
I’ve already been in the newspaper.
I’ve already gotten my ears pierced.
Visit a pumpkin patch.
Bake cake pops
Run through a sprinkler
Attend a wedding.
Set up and decorate a Christmas tree.
Eat cotton candy
Decorate easter eggs
See a Peacock
I’ve already pull an all-nighter
Plant a tree.
Ride a roller coaster.
Learn how to sew.
Go to a hard rock cafe.
Bake a perfect batch of cookies.
Own a pair of skinny jeans.
Own an iPod.
Autograph something.
Tell him I feel.
Watch a football game from the sidelines.
See snow.
Have ice cream cake at my birthday.
Let a snowflake land on my tongue
Go trick-or-treating
Shop on Black Friday
Go to prom.
Ride in an airplane.
Spend a whole day sleeping.
Go to Sea World.
Own a dreamcatcher.
Eat an entire pizza by myself.
Go to the circus.
Be on the radio.
Be on TV.
Perform on a stage.
Sit front row at a concert.
Go on a family vacation.
Go on a water roller coaster.
Go to a candy shop.
Been to Florida.
Try dippin’ dots.
Own a lot of cool T-shirts.
When a baby holds your fingers (or toes)
Let my nails grow.
Watched every Twilight saga movie.
Try something from Taco Bell.
Have a summer romance.
Get highlights.
Going to a baseball game.
Owning a bunch of purses.
Shopped at Forever 21
Bake a cake
Complete a DIY
Seen every HP movie.
Go to a museum.
Try candy hearts for Valentine’s Day.
Have a black cat.
Run a 5K.
Have a silly string fight.
Have a pet turtle
Be a brunette
Have a sleepover
Be a redhead
Make a wish on a dandelion
Became a big sister
Play hide and seek in a grocery store
Try caramel apples
Play with sparklers
Feel confident without make up
Own a bunch of cats
Touch someone’s tattoo
Be baptized
Own a varsity jacket
Wear a bikini
Ride a merry-go-round
Eat a big mac
Own a lot of nail polish
Hug a baby cat
Have one day without drama
Inspire someone with my art
Learn how to do a backflip
Convince someone to write their own bucket list
Decorate my house for Halloween
Sleep in a blanket fort
Start smiling more
Create a popular blog
Learn to be stronger
Look in the mirror and feel confident about myself
Create melted crayon art
Blow a perfect bubble
Be more outgoing
Sang along to Super Bass
Stop caring what others think
Buy new school supplies
Find a cloud shape
Jump in a puddle
Know a song before it becomes popular
Care less about unimportant things
I’ve already been followed by a celebrity
Spend the night at an aquarium/zoo
Be committed to a TV series
Get a guy’s number
Be in a fandom
Have over $100 saved up
Race down a supermarket aisle
Learn to listen
Play with chalk
Have friends from all over the world
Dance like nobody’s watching
Sleep outside (it was in a tent, but it still counts!)
Watch Catching Fire
Become less shy
Go an entire day without using any technology.
Visit the Zoo.
Fit into a size medium.
Talk to my crush
Play mini golf
Text in the same room.
Got to Walmart.
Write a song
Bare feet all day.
Be able to type without looking.
Own a lot of pencils.
Have a guy best friend.
Spend a whole day listening to music and watching TV.
Be snowed in.
Watch Frozen
Create a Tumblr
Have a Christmas without any drama.
Go On a hayride
Keep a promise ring.
Try watermelon.
Roll down a hill.
Make a friend.
Eat whatever I want without feeling guilty.
Send someone a letter.
Eat Christmas cookies.
Wear no makeup for a whole day.
Trace my family history.
Write a letter to my future self.
Try shrimp.
Own a beautiful dress.
Find pants that fit.
Go to Universal Studios.
Have a pet turtle.
Read at least 25 books.
Spend all day reading.
Go to the movies.
Have side bangs.
Having a New Years Resolution to be happy and learn to love yourself.
Dye my hair a crazy color without warming anyone.
Watch all Harry Potter movies in one month..
Dye my hair purple
Be in a professional photo shoot.
Own a polydactyl cat.
Visit Missouri.
Visit Kentucky.
Visit Ohio.
Learn how to skateboard.
Start a family tradition.
Try Vodka.
Feel beautiful.
Go to an outdoor concert.
Be happy with a picture of myself.
Go to a Five Finger Death Punch concert.
See Shinedown live.

11 thoughts on “Things I’ve Done

  1. Everybody has a bucket list, but not everyone has a list of achievements list – and that’s possibly more inspiring and uplifting. Many folks aren’t satisfied with their lives because they’ve forgotten all the little things that make life wonderful and special and unique (and focus on only the big things that stand out but are fewer in number). Thank you so much for creating this list.


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