Merry Christmas Readers!

Today has been a very interesting day. First off, Happy Birthday Jesus! Sorry for listening to all this rock music on your birthday, hope you can forgive me about that. I hardly got any sleep the night before last and definitely didn’t get the sleep I thought I would get last night. I only slept a total of four hours or less, don’t really remember how much I actually got. Don’t remember the time I got my brain to turn off completely. However, I do remember waking up hoping it was around 4:48am. I checked my phone and it was that exact time. I was surprised at myself. Emily said that we were getting up at 5am to open presents and going to nana’s at 7am. It’s a tradition we do. Open our presents at butt crack of dawn and go to nana’s when it’s still dark out. We’ve always done it that way. God forbid that we don’t change it soon. Anyways, I knew a good number of my sister’s stuff. Especially the big ones. I knew about the phone and Drake poster.

My stuff ranges from the normal. I didn’t really ask for anything special besides more money to buy books. That was my only “big” thing I wanted. I got like three gift cards, so I should be taken care of in that department. The biggest thing I get though is a poster. I’ve had a cut out poster before, and a tall person length poster, but this is the exception of both. That picture at the top is my poster. It’s freaking huge! Of course, I have to read one book and I got two Slash things. A poster of him and a shirt. Which is what I’m wearing at the moment. It’s nice to actually people read who I’m wearing. Normally we’re they put the name of the artist/band my arms are covering them. His face is covered by my arm, but his name is at my chest. I’ll keep them both! While we’re on the music subject. I got the new Nickelback album, which is what I’m jamming to now. I’m also a proud owner of my first Sixx:A.M. CD! However I think both of them are going to become my dad’s since I don’t really listen to CD’s anymore. I already told him he could have the Nickelback, but I’m keeping the Sixx:A.M.

Last night, my sister came in while I was reading. I got a new book last night. Apparently, I can’t get myself out of this little rockstar biography web I’ve putten myself in. So I’m reading Duff McKagan’s book, It’s So Easy, and Other Lies. Its a good book. Anyways, Emily had came in and told me that our Uncle David was going to come down, sneak like, and visit with us on Christmas day. He put on his Facebook status that his car had broken down. Well two things, my cousin Chris knows how to fix cars, practically anything. Everybody in that family has a history of tricking us. I knew better. At the end of unwrapping all our presents and after being stepped on by a heavy dog, Christmas miracle number one showed up. It was David in a Santa hat. He couldn’t fool a couple of us. Nana cried, oh and so did mom but that was before. She is not gonna like that I said that, but whatever. He came and told his stories and made us all laugh. I miss his crazy Indy stories. Christmas miracle number two showed up right when we were going to eat breakfast. God gave Emily strength to lift me in the push wheelchair. She might actually take me off after she gets her licensees after all. I think I missed Christmas miracle number three, apparently I missed a huge, gorgeous husky walking on the sidewalk at my nana’s while we were eating. Just my luck, but I was fine though. I got my wish, even though it wasn’t snow. I was still happy with what I got anyways. Merry Christmas everybody! ❤