Victoria’s Secret Angel

Up until recently, I have never given myself any thought to being pretty or anything. Unless there was something I was wearing and I just loved how it looked I actually felt pretty. I’m trying to consider all things I hated about myself. Like, beauty and being an inspiration. I’m trying to fix both of these but they’re proving to be harder to get through than accepting. I found this picture on Tumblr, the account is called, “perfect bucket list.” Yes, this is one of the many I reblogged.

It’s going to take me awhile to accept my beauty, but I started thinking about this picture and thought, “You know how many girls don’t like themselves because of all these models?” Every girl in the world wants to be beautiful. To be told, if you are pretty you got the better part of life. That’s not all true, some models strave themselves for these jobs. To be stick thin, because the designers clearly make things in one size. Thank God for the designers who don’t design for just those types of girls. Sometimes I hate fashion because of how they make these girls think about themselves. I’m for sure one of these girls who looked up to these gorgeous women and later hated my body for not being like their’s. It’s one heck of a curse.

I normally don’t watch the VS Fashion Show, for one it’s nothing but tiny girls walking around in lingerie, until they put their second line Pink on. The other day I had decided to watch this video of the opening of this year’s fashion show. It wasn’t what I thought, except the tiny girls. Then that night I got to thinking, I’ve seriously got to stop doing that, especially at night. I dreamt I was a Victoria’s Secret Angel. I was a their first handicapped angel. For me to not be able to get I’m an inspiration to others I dream up this and I get a little bit depressed. I should stop dreaming of things that will never change. Unless the fashion industry has a crisis of not being able to find the “right” girl, they chose somebody like me. Not saying, it would never happen. It’s just going to be someone really gorgeous and confortable in their skin, and the designers to just go for it to make this happen. I don’t know maybe this dream is a sign that maybe it will happen soon.