Up Close & Personal

I have problems with beauty, we all do. I can’t get over pretty girls. Every girl is pretty in my eyes. Speaking of eyes, that’s how I look at them. It’s not about their bodies, it’s about their personality and their eyes. Your eyes will always be your best feature even if you want change something about yourself you can never change your eyes. Even a blind person’s eyes are beautiful. You know why, because it makes them as unique as the next person. However this isn’t why I uploaded this picture in the first place.

I think everytime I go on Tumblr, I see all these different pictures. Some I love and some that worry me. I think I’m starting to appreciate photographers and what they do. Normal teenagers take pictures of themselves up against their bathroom mirrors and posse, tilting their head slightly, and having one arm either on their hip or at their face. Trust me, my sister does these a lot for me to know. A picture like this, or any others I reblog on a daily basis has to be either in a lively (meaning not scripted pose) and just not stiff. Another one I love is close up.

Just like this picture. It’s up to her face. Nothing else. I love how sometimes I’ll find girls have made up half their faces and leave the other side without any make up at all. My sister takes probably close to thirty minutes to an hour to get every inch of her make up on. It’s unhealthy to me. It might also be because I don’t like makeup. I don’t like it all. I do like nail polish, but eye shadow, mascara, and blush is just pointless to me.