How Can You Not Remember This?

It was either Christmas morning or Christmas Eve that I caught myself watching this movie. I’m from the 90s and this was one of the movies that we had from the start, and got every one until we started growing out of them. I say “we” but my sister DOES NOT remember this show. How can you possibly¬†not remember this movie? I’m 20 years old and I still know the series and characters. I saw this picture on Tumblr¬†and I didn’t have to think twice, I reblogged it as fast as I could. I really didn’t care if my followers we’re laughing behind the screen. I loved this movie to pieces!

I do remember after getting into these movies, I loved everything Dinosaurs, well maybe not everything. Certain people thought, “well if she likes ‘Land Before Time’ she’ll like Jurassic Park.” Not even close. I was never into horror movies, and I may know why. The first time I watched that movie, I literally thought the T-Rex was going to eat me. I was young, I didn’t know it was fake, I just thought it was going to come out of the TV and eat me. I seriously remember running away from the TV screen and crying in my room. If you’re wondering if I’ll ever watch it now, I would say no. That’s just me though. This is what I do with The Vampire Diaries too, I won’t watch horror movies, but I have no problem with watching that.