Not Your Average Christmas

This is the first video I found of the Christmas Special. It’s definitely not your average Christmas Special. Except for the background. Hearing Achmed singing old Christmas carols is just hilarious. I loved “Jingle Bombs” when I first watched the special. It made me laugh so hard. Him and his Santa Claus hat on and saying to Jeff and “Guitar guy” he might have Scoliosis. I’m sorry, but even I laughed at that one. I couldn’t help myself whatsoever. Achmed’s just the craziest one out of the bunch. I love his crazy remarks. I love Walter too, but the both of them are nothing compared to Peanut. When Jeff reads that story at the end and Peanut just takes over the whole thing. You can not stop yourself. It’s just too funny to keep quiet. I forgot about Bubba J being in this special too. I’m having a hard time finding all the right videos.

She Does Not Speak

This picture represents me in a way. I’ve never been able to really speak up for myself or been able to give myself a voice to the real me. I don’t know who I am yet. I’ve been trying to find myself for the past few years. In school, I had friends but I always worried about who was talking behind my back about me. I was at times paranoid about everyone around me. I would talk about my day to my parents which some teenagers don’t even do anymore. Things weren’t always pretty though.

Between worrying about who were my real friends were and if music would be enough to make me better. I had my insecurities always trailing behind making me worry even more about things that I hated. Being pretty enough. I’ve seen too many shows and read too many books about high school couples marrying after college. I wanted that kind of love and never found it. I started to hate every guy I came across. If I was nice to you, at times I wanted to hurt you and I wasn’t always the only one who wanted to do it either. Every crush I had was the ‘big” story. Freshman-sophomore years were about this kid Ryan. Junior was this Jake, and surprisingly I didn’t have one during that time. Well I probably did but I think it was probably somebody famous.

I use this picture regularly as my profile picture on my Facebook page. When I first uploaded it I liked it because it was original and absoluately beautiful. As I started to change the pictures and switching it back I started realizing that I liked this picture more than before. Had more reasons to keep it as my profile picture. My reason now is this is a beautiful stuck inside and she’s covering up what others wouldn’t speak about. I’m slowly becoming the opposite of her but at one time I was this girl. I wouldn’t speak as a person. I would speak about my disabilities but I’d come off as a bitch than anything else. Now I’m not so bad. I just have a story to tell and I’m going to speak about it fully one of these days.