Three Day Weekend

Normally on the weekends, I get like one good day out of the two days. Somehow I manged to survive three days of nothing but up and go! I’ve got to say though, I’m not the only one who was doing this too. My mom has weekends off so getting up and going out to places for three days probably wasn’t her cup of tea. We have a routine, we go to nana’s on Saturday. We eat lunch with my grandparents and mom and Em do nana’s errands. I stay behind and talk my mouth off and sometimes helps nana put the laundry in the baskets. So picture two push wheelchairs, going from the kitchen to nana’s little office she’s got now. I’m usually trying to balance with one foot and grab ahold of the carpet to push myself forward. I’ve got strong toes just doing this every other weekend. We continue to talk while she’s throwing clothes over her chair and onto the floor for me to put into the baskets. We’ve got one hell of a system, don’t we? Thankfully afterwards, well most of the time she remembers and I get paid.

We went to nana’s on Saturday, but before Saturday even came. We usually works on Friday’s but she got off early. So we went to Emily’s game and actually got to watch a whole basketball game. I saw my friend Darcie, we sat and talked for a bit before she had to sing with Swing Choir for the beginning of the varsity game. They do the National Anthem. I’ve always been and probably always will be jealous of the Swing Choir, because they are really good! Mom left to go smoke during halftime and the dance team came out and danced, they had the little girls this time and they did so good! That’s another group I’ve always been jealous of. Damn feet! Anyways, Emily didn’t fall out of a build, well she almost did. I had a family of one of the little girl’s sitting next to me and they pretty much got me interested in the game. It was intense! Both games won and I didn’t get hit in the face! It was an exciting night!

That was Friday, Saturday was the normal routine and then some. Went to nana’s, ate, and came home. Poor Emily, since she’s a cheerleader, she had to go to the game that afternoon and it was an away game. So mom told me, she’d clean my room after she dropped Em off at the school. That was interesting! I should have timed her. My whole bed had so much stuff that everytime she went to go smoke in the living room, I was stuck between stuff on my bed. I was praying to God I wouldn’t fall forward, sideways, or backwards. Because everywhere I turned my head something was there. Whether it was stuff I wanted to keep or Oliver cleaning himself on my Transformers blanket. He loves that blanket! Anyways, we found different stuff from when I was a baby to stuff I still have from Shriner’s. All my high school shirts, are all in my closet now. We put them in retirement. We should do that to the shirt I’m wearing now. I’ve had it since I was in 5th grade. Somehow I can still wear it.

Sunday was our fun day. We did this backwards actually. Emily really wanted to go to the movies. She wanted to see The Devil Inside, and my mom and I didn’t want to see it. So Emily’s friend Skyela came with us. We went to Jasper, mom and I had already talked about seeing Alvin and The Chipmunks. I’ve already seen the first two and really wanted to see the new one. But mom didn’t want to, so I suggested we go to Walmart instead. I needed a new wallet anyways. Well that worked. So we went to eat at Los Bravos which was good like always, the check afterwards wasn’t so good. We dropped the girls off at the movies, and mom had this idea of taking me to her workplace. She works at the nursing home that’s kind of close to the hospital there. I’ve been wanting to go there and meet the girls she works with and meet some of these residents she tells me about sometimes. It was really nice to be there! The floor she works mostly, was watching Hellboy, they were really nice. I’ve met some of them before once at the movies back in November. He remembered me and mom told me the first thing he said to her was that he enjoyed seeing me again and glad she brought me. That pretty much made my day! 

After that, we went to Walmart. We looked at books and I had actually found one book that kept my eye. However, it wasn’t the one we were searching for so we moved on. We went looking for wallets, and I was only looking for The Vampire Diaries wallets and they didn’t have any. So we went looking at pajama pants. There was this little guy sitting in the cart. He was a itty bitty little guy. I couldn’t help myself I had to say hi to him, I went to wave with my foot, which had the sock on and he started crying. I felt horrible! I kept telling his mom I was sorry, I don’t think she understood me though. I felt so bad afterwards! Mom and I were looking through clothes and I asked her if we could go to the music section. She literally told me, “why you’re not getting anything?” We went over and the first things we find is Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls I pointed it out too! Then we kept going on and she found Guns N Roses, and I was thinking of my drawings, since I don’t have any Gn’R songs on my iPod yet I need something to help me to get through these drawings. So mom bought it for me. She caved, but I knew she wanted it too.

We got in the car to go home. Mom had this idea that we should have opened it and listen to it on our way home. No complaints from me as long as she played Sweet Child O’ Mine. Of course, we didn’t listen to that one. We did listen to Welcome To The Jungle though. I remembered when I was a Junior, for Prom Steering Committee, one of the teachers told us we could have a Grand March song. Which meant it would play during Grand March. Our theme ironically, was “Welcome To The Jungle” so everybody had this idea of using that song as our Grand March song. Our English teacher Mr. Powell, literally said, no right afterwards. Everybody couldn’t figure out why it couldn’t be played. I listened to it in the car with my mother, Emily, and her friend Skyela (luckily they were talking) and figured out why we were told no so many times. I’ve never been more embarrassed to being in the front seat with mom and both of our face start to turn red and we were laughing our asses off! I haven’t been able to listen to it since! When we got home, I told mom we needed to hide it from dad. Because I knew if he saw it he’d freak. He found it and drove me nuts! Mom bought it for me, I’ve got it in my iPod, and dad has the CD. He stated that it was his after I was done with it. So that meant, after it was downloaded into my iPod it was his.