In Sickness And Music

My chest, nose, and coughing fits are taking a toll on me, but I intend on beating this thing with resting and listening to as much music to make me happy as much as I can. Despite feeling like I want to rip out a few things in my chest, nose, and throat. Music is the only thing keeping me stable. Surprisingly, it’s been one of those good days where I can listen to anything. I love those days and when you’re feeling sick and don’t really feel like lifting anything to change anything is another factor. I hate pain. We all know that, but I’m still jamming. I’m actually laughing a little too. Keeping myself awake, I know that pretty well takes the “rest” out of the word “resting” but I’ve never been the one to sit still for two minutes. I have to be doing something, because if I don’t. My sleep schedule would be messed up like none other and that’s not really worth it.

I’m keeping myself away from the sad, slow ballads on my iPod because those would be the ones to actually make me pass out. So everything that’s loud and upbeat is being played. I can’t sing. I pretty much ruined that when dad left to take Emily to her game last night. I started screaming out the words to “This Is Gonna Hurt” by Sixx:A.M. I also turned up that sucker as loud as I could as soon as they left. I like my music loud and only get in these moods where I don’t care so I just went right for it and cranked it up and started singing along. It was fun! I’m surprised I still have a voice left. The bad part about it was afterwards was my throat starting feeling sore and my coughing increased. My own fault, but it was so worth it! Back to Sixx:A.M. I watched some live videos of them on YouTube a bit ago. Got to say, Dj Ashba is the best medicine. Watching those videos worked for 20 minutes and then I noticed myself feeling more tired and weak again. Not cool. But they didn’t helped. Made me happy!