Valentine’s Day: Moments & Tips

So it’s almost February, and I’m actually not obsessed with wanting a Valentine’s Day gift this year. Last year I hated pretty much every dude I ever liked because of the fact I gave them so much attention. Being nice to a guy for me is easy. Getting over them, not so much. I haven’t seen a guy who I actually flirted with since September, so I’m out of shape, but I’m kind of happy this way though. Valentine’s Day was never invented for people like me. As much as I know I bugged a lot of people last year for not having somebody to call my own. I did have my dad. I still have my little balloon and rose. He was nice enough to give me a fake rose because I’d be a bit upset if I got a real one. Fake flowers are the only thing that I like that’s in the “fake” category. I think I’m going to keep me this Valentine’s Day and that’s it. Relive it. It’s finally taken a few years but I think Valentine’s Day is just another holiday that gets over exaggerated as time goes on.

Lots of couples also think it’s the only holiday to show the one you love what they really mean to you. That’s dumb! You have all the time in the world to show that person how much they mean to you. Taking that person out to eat on that day and not any other day after that doesn’t show them anything. Girls like surprises. Take her out next week after Valentine’s Day, do something new in the relationship to show them you really care. Now girls, I know as much as we don’t want to admit, but it isn’t just the guys who should do this. Even though the guys seem to hate it more than we do. Trick them to get dressed up nicely and take them out to eat. Differences between women and men in food places, women like the more fancy places and men would rather go to a steak house. For some girls. like myself I don’t mind both. If I know ahead of time, I’d rather go somewhere really fancy. If I don’t, I’m going casual. Guys, dressing nicely doesn’t ALWAYS mean nice T-Shirt and tie. Best pants and shiny shoes. Sometimes you can dress in a nice shirt, but that means NO stains. NO rips or holes. Pants wise, you can wear jeans they just better be a good pair. You can wear your boots as well. They just better be clean!