Xtina Kinda Day

I’m having a Christina Aguilera kind of day. Since its a new year, hopefully she’ll release her new album soon! So I’ve been watching Live videos on YouTube. Some I’ve seen before and some I’m glad I found. I already posted a video of her performance at the VMAs in 2003. It was of her performing “Dirrty” and “Fighter” and those are my favorites, out of all the songs on herĀ Stripped ablum I think I have like 11 songs I love! So I’m going to post some videos I’ve found on YouTube and hope you like them!




When They First See Me

This comes up in my mind a lot. What do people about me when they first see me? They see this girl in a wheelchair and she uses her feet to drive it. Half the time I have a jacket on when we go out to places, I bet they wonder if I have arms. I know for a fact they wonder what is wrong with me. How did I end up like I am? How long have I been this way? Could I be cured? These are actually common questions we use to get when we went places. Now people have decided to just stare their asses off and hope it doesn’t bother me. My mom used to be the question answer person. I could never answer the questions because I never could figure out how to answer. Somehow answering kids was easier for me. They understood quicker and after they got their answer they’d runaway. Sometimes they’d come back and watch me. One time at a football game, one kid asked me if I needed help when I dropped something on the ground and tried to grab it. He looked to be around 6 or 7 years old and was such a sweet kid. Kids sometimes understand more around that age. As they get older, some get mean towards others who are different. I hope that kid never turns into somebody like that.