Different Way To Start Your Day

I’m not all rock, and sometimes as much as I love to go all crazy to it. Dance around and hear the loudness of it all. I’m a lover of other types of music. We know I like pop, country and hip hop. You already know I’m in love with old Disney classics and Broadway musicals. What if I told that’s not all I’ve listen to? I’m really big in the instrumental stuff as well. I’m in love with different movie scores. Two of my favorite scores are from the movies: Avatar and Titanic. Even though Titanic is based around Celine Dion’s song “My Heart Will Go On” the score is pretty amazing. I love hearing people playing the piano. Whenever I hear my sister and papaw play it, I usually stop doing what I’m doing, which is talking and just listen in. Papaw will just come up with different things that he remembers playing when he younger, and Emily tries to listen to something on her iPod and figure out the notes on the piano. The piano and acoustic guitar are probably my two favorite instruments in terms of just getting relaxed.

I’m listening to something new on my Spotify account today. It’s actually called, “Sleep Music” and it is definitely making me sleepy. If I could, I’d play this stuff at night. This would pretty much do the trick. As long as it’s not the nature sounds of water. That would not work out for me. I don’t see how anybody could listen to those at night and not have to pee. I’m always up for something nice and slow. Yeah, definitely not what you were thinking. I’m not all loud and ready to give up my hearing just yet. I like the fact that there’s music like this, because it’s slow and you can really hear everything in the background. What they’re using to make these amazing sounds. It’s kind of like my love of dance music, sometimes it can be 4-10 minutes long (each song) and not have a single person sing along. Those are always the best songs. I have never really liked the lyrics before the sound. It’s just never worked for me that way. I care about how it sounds than anything else.