Song Review: “Poison” by Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix.

 So I deeply feel bad for the guy. Here’s a young man, not exactly out of his teens yet and is apart of industry that only wants to create music for people, but with that people can take advantage of their power and sometimes they get hurt. As a blogger, I can get a lot of flake for talking badly about someone. I’m not that type of person especially to celebrities and musicians. I’m not here to talk about all that though. I’m here to talk about my love for his new track “Poison” it came out the day after my birthday but it took me about a week to hear it. Sorry! I really have to work on figuring out when to hear new songs the day they come out so I don’t feel like I’m being left out, but technically this is all my fault! I have nobody to blame here! Anyways, in the last post

I wrote up for today, I talked about different artists have signatures in their music. DJs are the same way! Martin Garrix has quite a few songs that do not have any vocals on it at all and I seriously love that! There’s no distractions, it’s just the beat. I feel like since he released his first track “Animals” in 2013 without any vocals too when he first started out that it’s almost fitting to bring out something similar to people to keep them interested. As much as I love it as a instrumental, it also makes my job as a reviewer ten times harder to talk about because I have no idea about beats, tempo and all that. I wish I did though! All I can say that it’s very light, there’s not much of it that would excite a normal person. If this song was a dance routine on DWTS there would be no lifts and tricks, however I have an uncontrollable wanting to jump up and down in different sections of it, so I guess that’s a good sign. It’s a great song for EDM festivals. Don’t let me fool you though, the song’s actually pretty good!

What do you think of Martin’s new single?

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