The Game Where I Didn’t Care

Tonight I went to my sister’s basketball game. When I was a student I always said, I was going for the basketball players and my friends. Well since half of my friends want to stay as far away from the school or have other reasons to just stay away from me completely, I’ve been going to these games saying “my sister’s basketball game” even though she only cheers for the team instead. The last time we tried to go to a basketball game, my sister had landed wrong on her foot and we had to leave before halftime. We got there as soon as Junior Varsity had finished their game, and as soon as Varsity started up, she went in her build group and landed back on the ground wrong. So I say we were only there for about a half hour most. This time, before we even left to go. I looked up at the sky and saw the moon and freaked. It looked like a full moon, and the last time we had a full moon something usually happens to Emily. It ends up being something that leads into the emerency room. This time, I prayed to God to watch ALL of us just in case it was a full moon.

Apparently God heard that prayer because we stayed there through the whole game. It was freaking intense too! Both JV and Varsity games won. Before we Varsity game started, Emily went up for her build and almost fell down. I literally held my breath and also thanked God for the dude in front of me for blocking my view just in case she took a dive. She didn’t fall, but mom and I were still on edge. Even though Em didn’t fall at the last game where she got hurt, she did have foot pain afterwards. That was same too, but not as bad. Emily’s a fighter. I had my usual seat, I was sitting by one of the players on our team. She’s always sweet to me and keeps an eye out for any basketballs that come flying by. When Varsity was practicing, a ball came up to me and luckily it didn’t come at my chest area, which is where I’m the most worried about. It hit my knuckles on my left foot instead. Then as the game progressed the guys were getting more aggrassive and started falling all over the place. Then two decided to go flying. One of the opposite team was on his back but kept on sliding. It was werird, and since I was eating popcorn at this game. I was trying to keep an eye out and thought I saw this dude hit the wall. But the crowd would have reacted a little bit more worried if he had. So I think he was good.