Step Three: Too Much Doubt To See The Confidence

I’ve been posting these as to help everybody understand my mindset with figuring out everything I’ve been wanting to do and hopefully accomplish soon. So this is step three: too much doubt to see the confidence. It’s true, I have more doubt filling up in my head than anything else. Two things, I have not drawn anything in over a year, especially people. Second, everything I start-up, I never finish. That last one won’t leave whatsoever. I’ve tried to do so many things, thought about it over and over, asked for things to do those things, and feeling like a failure afterwards. Sometimes, I don’t even know I try, I know how it’s going to be in the end. I’m going to start on a drawing, get it done, and never finish the rest. That’s how I see it. My doubts have flooded my head, but my heart keeps telling otherwise.

I was reading last night, at the end of one of the chapters there was this really good quote. Confidence is knowing you can do it even before you try it. I was amazed on how well it fit me. Inside, my heart keeps telling me I can do it. It’s just all in my head, fear of failing (again!) and thinking they won’t turn out so good after taking a year off. Between Junior and Senior year, I had a break of five months. I had both art classes during second semester of each year. So I had five months of rest in between to regain confidence and inspiration to do my next projects. Since I made this an even longer break, I’ve gotten myself in doubt web but I can still have the inspiration to do these drawings. I guess only time will tell.