Step Two: The Smell Of Pencils

Well I now know people weren’t kidding about me quitting drawing was a bad idea. When I woke up this morning, my mom told me before she went back to bed that dad was going to Walmart. Out of everybody in my family, dad is the main one who really wishes I never gave up drawing. However, he doesn’t get the reason why I did quit. I was thinking about last night, and I thought how when I was in school, I hated everybody watching me, but they were also something for me to feed off of too. It’s a strange feeling to explain. Anyways, back to my dad. I just got up a little bit ago, I actually went back to sleep. Two days in a row. He came in my room after he put my plate in the kitchen. He had this bag, it had Sketch paper pad, two different kinds of pencils, a pencil sharpener, and individual erasers. My first thought was, Oops…  and Awwww… thank you. It was a mixture of both of those.

I remember something we did in the beginning of my class Creative Writting, we played 20 Questions. Which in our case, was more like 50 questions instead. We loved that. It made us think and got to think of each other a little differently. We had probably close to 26 or more kids in there. It was one of my favorite classes during Senior year. Anyways, one of our questions early on in the game was what is favorite smell? Lots of people put scented candles, baking goods, things like that. Then you had the interesting answers like gasoline and rain. I think my answer was candles and gasoline. But I forgot one. I love the smell of pencils. It’s weird I know, but after years of drawing and stuff, lead isn’t the worst smell at all. The smell of pencils is very interesting, especially for somebody like me who hasn’t used an actual pencil in two years, I’m taking it all in. The smell isn’t as strong as it will be once I get them out of their boxes.