Influenced By Reality

I actually don’t know how to really start this post. So I’m going to go like this. People always think I’m inspiring, which I don’t know why. I don’t think I’ll ever understand it fully of why people think that, and since I love mysterious. I kind of want to keep that one a mystery. I don’t want an answer because half the time, I probably will ignore it or not believe a word you say. Even though I don’t believe I’m inspiration, I think there are different people in this world who are. I get influenced by people easily. It takes the littlest things you do that will get my attention and I will never be the same. However, not all of that is a good thing. The bad influences I’ve found throughout the years have been lessons learned. So who influence me? It’s all over the place actually. I’ve lived a long time now and met a lot of people. Some years have been better than others, but that’s the part of life.

Here’s a list of people who have influenced me throughout my life, and some are in groups. I’m not really big with singling people out unless they really deserve it, not saying some people don’t deserve it. For something like this, keeping everybody in a group is much easier on me to keep everybody straight in my head.

  1. God – This was a given. God has always been there for me, and will always be there for me. He made me this way, has me going through this life with all of its hardships, and his guiding me through it. He’s the one bringing and taking out the people around me for reasons I can’t explain sometimes. And he’s got a good sense of humor too.
  2. Family – My mom, dad, and my sister Emily. As much as they drive me nuts. I love them dearly. I always think about what if my parents thought they couldn’t raise me, and they had to give me up. I’d be a completely different person I think. Emily, she’s had to deal with my stupid rants when we were little. Always had to watch over me, but I still thought she was the prettier girl. You don’t want to mess with her. Both sides of my grandparents and families. Lots of people, and lots of love. Even if you don’t think it’s there, it’s just hidden way back in the back.
  3. Friends – All the friends I’ve had have been a big influence on me. Most recently actually. Some have influenced to not care anymore. They’ve pushed me away, so I might as well face the facts and stop fighting for somebody whose not there anymore. I’ve had lots of friends, lots of memories, and stories I could tell for days. (I’m actually getting ideas as we speak.) To the ones that I do keep up with on Facebook, I am amazed you still bother to talk to me. To all my Twitter friends, they have been inspiring to talk to for the past two years. I’ve learned to not always be afraid to talk to different people. I want to visit their countries one day, and meet them.
  4. Teachers – I haven’t been in college in a year. I’ve been a graduate for almost two years. That’s a scary thought! I remember most of all the teachers that were always around me on a daily basis. From first grade and on, man! It’s a lot of people to remember over the years. Besides the teachers, I have to include the aides who have been around me when I was school. Even though I was probably trouble in school sometimes, I was still good. In a sense at least. For some odd reason, they knew how to handle me well. The stories that I have in my head of our high school lunch table. Oh my god! We had fun! Lots of laughs that’s for sure!

To Hell With The Sore Throat

Yesterday I got out of the house and went to my nana’s. I spent time with both my nana and papaw. We were suppose to go over today for lunch but my mom still feels awful. Now it seems like both of my parents are getting worse again. Mom did do her errands today and yesterday nana and I just talked our jaws off. Wait, I take that back. I talked my jaw off. There was two different times within the three hours I was there that my mind went blank and just kept on talking. Since I didn’t go last weekend, because I was sick and I don’t really “chat” with my nana on Facebook, I had certain things I needed to discuss with her. Poor papaw. At the end of the three hours he did decide to leave the kitchen and go play the piano. Their dog Casey, actually followed him because she loves it when he plays the piano. So do I. I don’t think there is a person in our family who doesn’t like when he plays the piano. Anyways, nana did our usual conversation of nothing but music, life, my Twitter friends, and my past blog posts. Sometimes we repeat ourselves because one conversation will turn into another and it’s just awesome.

I have trouble with different subjects. If it’s a subject that needs to come out or if it’s just something stupid. My mouth WILL go faster than my brain. I have to take breaks in between these times to regroup and take a breath before going on. If I get confused, which is most of the time if she asks something about Facebook, Twitter, or her laptop in general. I get confused easily to those types of things. My brain is slow and I can’t help it. I talked to her about my troubles with my “friends” and tell her about my new friends and how I met them. She’s going through this 80’s rock music thing with me. She’s been listening to a lot of rock music actually. Some from the 80’s and modern rock. I sent her three songs the other day. I sent her “What Have You Done” by Within Temptation, it was the live verison I sent her. The other two were “Alive” by Adelitas Way and “I Want My Tears Back” by Nightwish. I thought she would enjoy them and how they sounded. She’s been listening to a lot of Motley Crue lately too. The other day I saw on my Facebook news feed that she was listening to “Kickstart My Heart” and I was laughing but in a good way.

I didn’t get to finish my last sentence at the end of the three hours I was there. But we never really finish a conversation, sometimes they make it to next weekends conversation when mom and Em are at the store. I say, sometimes because there are certain things that I can’t really discuss with my papaw in the room. It gets awkward and I don’t want to make him uncomfortable. Even though I don’t think he really pays attention to half of the conversations we have in the first place. He just picks and choose which ones he wants to listen in. Just like every other male in the world. Oh, and I was very happy that I got to have ice cream yesterday. I’ve had wanting ice cream for at least two weeks now and almost didn’t get to have any yesterday. They only get two flavors: Strawberry and Chocolate. Papaw likes both, but he likes the chocolate more. Papaw went looking in the freezer and kept pulling out strawberry ones. Then after the fourth strawberry, there was a chocolate. He let me have it because he knows I don’t like strawberry. I was a very happy camper after that, but it still help shut my mouth very long.