My World Will Be Dead. (My Views On The SOPA Bill)

Feels like I just wrote a sucide note on my Twitter to all my friends. How can somebody threaten to away something so dear to you. I have NO friends in this town, ALL my friends are online. If I cry tonight it will be because my heart is dying and that makes me cringe. All these people that have changed me, and everybody thinks Internet is a bad thing. What kind of rock do you live under? Not everybody in this world is ouit to hurt you. If you lived in my shoes for one day, just talkin to these people and worring about them on a daily basis like I do, you might understand, but not completely. I think that the people who decided this SOPA bill are stupid!

You DO NOT have the right to take away something that is a life line to so many people to not give up their lives. Taking away the Internet, the right for us to express ourselves the way we want to, is not something to be messed with. It’s like we’re kids again and being told by an adult not to do something. How are we suppose to learn from it? This was just suppose to be my Facebook status, but then the more my mind exploded so did the status. So I thought I’d post it here. Where it should be. I’m expressing MY feelings. The way I want to. This is MY blog and I can say whatever the hell I want to. We shouldn’t have to hide what we like. It’s what makes us original. So to be fully done with this, I’ll probably cry tonight. My heart will sink in and die. If the bill passes tomorrow I might actually believe the world will end in December, because my world would already be dead.

International Love

I’ve always heard from different people and movies that distance in a relationship never works. This is what I’ve been hearing for years. I’ve also seen that over the years that’s not really true. Depending on the people and how the relationship was before distance got in the way. I’m not good in the love department, mostly because sometimes I don’t believe in it. It’s never wanted to love me back. However, my sister has been getting Mr. Cupid back on side for a few years now. Then Mr. Distance wanted to drop in as well and boy, was she in for a surprise! It all started during her Sophomore year. I vaguely remember the first day she showed me this boy from school’s first Facebook picture. Told me, he was an exchange student from Italy. She was on the rocks with this other kid, that for one I knew not to trust or like. She thought it was innocent. I warned him that if he’d hurt my sister (in any way) I’d run over him. When they broke up, he broke up with her by the way, I ran over him. Then I started people weren’t taking me seriously when it comes to these tapes of things.

Nobody hurts my sister in any shape or form. That’s what sister’s are for. Being there for each other even though we may not agree on the same things, we are still there for each other. I know enough guys in this town to know, most are just douchebags. Ever since my sister was a freshman, I became more of the protective older sister like I’ve always wanted to be. She’s always had to watch over me whenever we’re out and about, but at school I had my eye out for her. The guys at school had a thing for her. Can’t blame them though, she was considered “fresh meat” since she was a freshman and she had the looks to match. People just went nuts over her. I felt bad because I didn’t have this much trouble when I was freshman, I mean, I just had crushes and they usually didn’t want to talk to me.

So when my sister started talking to this kid Ricky, it was interesting to see go from, “oh we’re just friends” to a rollercoaster ride between finding love in awkward time and fighting against people who don’t understand you. After a few months, all of us figured out that he wasn’t actually the foreign exchange after all. He had family here in town, and dad was in the army and they just moved around a lot. Something we all thought was weird, was that his name was Ricky, we have an Uncle Rick and both our grandparents call her Ricky every once in a while. The first time we had him meet the grandparents, and somebody had told Ricky about Papaw’s train sets upstairs and he wanted to see them. Papaw never lets anybody there and he let Em show him. From there, he’s been a favorite with my grandparents. In the mist of them actually starting up a relationship there was talk of his family moving back and distance in a relationship in Ricky’s eyes was the same that I’ve always heard through movies and books. That it just doesn’t always work out for the best.

He told her bunches of times that he was going to leave soon, but as the date got nearer his word would change. At this point different people were starting to realize “maybe he isn’t right for her” or what others and myself included though, “she needs to end this before he officially moves or she’s gonna be a wreck.” Well she didn’t listen to us, but who would? She had fallen for this boy, it was gonna have to be something huge for her think twice. Which she did think twice, third, and I don’t know how many other times after that. After he was back in Italy for good, they Skyped almost everyday. I had to be laptop-free for a couple of hours. Sometimes I hated it, but then I knew I could use her iPod Touch whenever she had the laptop. So that was a plus for me. Then all of a sudden, I noticed even more sadness in her eyes. Something wasn’t good in the relationship. They had ended it. However, this time she was the one who ended it. Distance was a factor in the break up. Trust was the other. After a month went by, they agreed to stay as friends but one day on the computer I found something to be shocking and unbelievable.

My mom had just got done washing my hair. I was sitting up in my chair and on the big computer. I was on Facebook and then I saw it. Her ex boyfriend had put he was now in a relationship with another girl. So what did I do? I texted mom, she came running in from the living room to read it herself. Then I think, she texted Emily the bad news. Even though she broke the relationship, she thought they’d get back together. When she came home from school. She told us all, to delete him from Facebook and if she ever liked him to smack her upside the head. I think most of us saved that text in our phones just to show her that we thought she was serious if she ever decided to fall back in love again. Everything he had ever given her while he was here was stuffed in the back of my closet. I joked saying, the only way you’ll get over him is if you burn it all. I had “Kerosene” by Miranda Lambert stuck in my head. I thought it was a smart idea, but I’m always up for some revenge. To me, that would be revenge. Burning up everything I believed was real.

Then we noticed her talking to him again. Saying again, they’re just friends. Everybody, but nana and papaw were pissed. Because we knew her. The love she had been coming back. Or if it even left at all. It was back and nobody was happy about it. She was just starting to feel better about herself again. Being happy, and laughing around us again. Which made my mom and I very happy as well. Knowing that she was getting over him was the best thing ever or so I thought. As time went on, I started noticing her taking the laptop again in the early mornings so mom and dad didn’t make her feel bad about talking to him. I think I just realized she wasn’t going to listen to a word I said about them getting back together was a bad thing. So I chose to keep my mouth shut about it. So here we are, they’re talking even more now. A little after a week of them saying, they’re just friends, him and his new girlfriend broke up. They haven’t officially (Facebook official) said they’re in a relationship, but it’s there.