Come Clean

Thanks to my mom, I have a clean room and closet. After months of making our way through my room to either my closet or the other side. Is it sad I have been looking forward to the day she was going to clean it? All this week I was jumpy because of two things: the starting of my new drawings, which might be pushed back a bit. We don’t have any ink in our printer so I can’t print my pictures until I go up to the library and that maybe next weekend. The second thing was being able to have an actual wall again. I have a cut-out of Britney Spears from 2002 and the only place you could see from her was her arms and face. That side of the room was a disaster! Clothes were up onto each other. Mostly were jeans and other stuff that didn’t belong there either. There is a desk and we were surprised it’s still standing as of now. Even though most of the heavy stuff is gone, it’s pretty old. If we something make a big crack in the middle, at least I’ll know what it’s from.

At first, mom wasn’t going to go through my closet but she apparently lost track of what she was doing and just started pulling things out. Speaking of which, lots of old clothes, those are going to other places. Well at least, some are. As mom kept “digging” into my closet. We found old backpacks of Tweetybird, Pokemon, Scooby-Doo, and one bag I had forgotten about altogether. I’m keeping it because you CAN NOT get rid of something like this. Apparently when I was younger, somebody had gotten me a Backstreet Boys backpack. I told mom to throw out the other three but I was keeping that sucker! After that, she found this one box. We knew somewhere in my closet was a box of all my Shriner’s stuff. It was packed full of things the students at the Elementary sent to St. Louis for me. Cards, letters, drawings, and this one huge blanket (but looks like a sheet) full of names of students who signed it for me to get well. Mom grabbed it out of the box and started reading off names. Thank God for the ones who put their last names! It was so nice of them to do that, and the teachers and staff too!

Besides these things, we found my old high school shirts and stuff I had done. Like, my Powder Puff shirts, Prom Steering Committee shirt, Senior Year Prom dress, old tie-dye shirts from both middle and high school. I also had this old graduation dog. It was signed at the end of my 5th grade year by most of the students in my class, and my sister and cousin Chris. I have three shirts with his signature on it. Mom found old photo albums on my table of junk. Baby pictures of me, my sister, and cousins and other family as well. Not necessarily good pictures either. Since there is a very interesting picture of my Uncle Rick with this white guitar, looking like a Slash wannabe (Mom said it, not me!) and there is also a very 80’s looking picture of my mother that was one of her senior pictures. Blackmail anyone? I’ve also got to say, my bed post was already full of stuffed animals beforehand, now it’s too much and there’s no where else to put them.