Back Into Routine

I’m really hoping tomorrow is a good day for me. I’m suppose to be getting my book in the mail, I’ve been waiting for this book for a while now. We had to redo the order after waiting four days, my mom went on her email Friday morning while I was still asleep and found out she had to redo everything because the order or card didn’t go through. Nice! I woke up that morning like every morning hoping my book would come in that day so I wasn’t on the internet all day long. When mom told me I was pissed! But yet my gut was telling me something was wrong about that anyways, I just didn’t bother listening to it. So she came in my room after I got done eating my lunch and showed me how they track where it is at each day. Which I thought was pretty cool! She told me I could still buy a Kindle book, but after Thursday afternoon of finding certain ones but only thinking the book I ordered, I just said to myself I’ll wing it for a few days. If my book doesn’t come in tomorrow I’ll be very angry.

After I read Duff’s book, I had all this confidence that I could really do these drawings, and get them all done. Well then after a few days I went from really good self-confidence to back to all these bad thoughts. The doubts came swinging back. Between the withdrawal of not reading anything for a few days and the doubts, it wasn’t a good combination. So I decided to ask mom about ordering an actual book with my Amazon gift card I got for Christmas. It was one of the last cards that lasted a lot longer than any card I’ve ever gotten. Anyways, my original plan was to order This Is Gonna Hurt and get on Kindle edition Steven Adler’s book. That was my actual plan, but apparently my mom only heard of one book come out of my mouth. The card I had was a $15 gift card. Between both books I’d need about two cards just to get these books. We ordered Nikki’s book and I didn’t bother asking for the Kindle book because I didn’t think it would take this long to come in.

I know I’m not done with this little web of “musician” biographies yet. Everytime I go on Amazon, I automatically end up there. After this book, I got to get Steven Adler and Tommy Lee’s books on my Kindle. Then afterwards go to a book store or order The Dirt, the confession book by the members of Motley Crue. After that book I’ll be done. It’s like a series, you know the characters (members) from the other books, different stories and struggles, and different beginnings. I still can’t get a good answer to explain why I’m only reading books by the members of both Gn’R and Motley Crue. I definitely couldn’t answer that question, I still stumble on my words when somebody asks me. I wish I had an answer, I can say they’re very good! I can’t wait to get back into routine. Cross your fingers and toes for me!

Live And Learn

I think this best reflects me nowadays, I’m trying to keep myself happy. Keeping the negative thoughts away from my mind and surround myself with positive things. I’ve stopped thinking about the past. I’m not kidding either, I guess finding all my Shriner’s stuff and high school stuf, taking it all out and putting it in somewhere where I can’t get to it was probably the best thing ever. I’m learning from my mistakes, from the people around me, and letting myself enjoy life more. I’m helping more people enjoy their lives and talking to them about their problems and showing them that everything will get better. You just have to take things day by day. Do things that make you happy. Try your hardest to keep everything bad away. Things WILL get better! You just have to believe. 🙂