Covered In Music

Searching for posters is hell. Especially when you’re very picky like me. I’m ready for a change. I’ve already started it. I had a big thing for 50 Cent and Eminem, generally every rapper. Then in 2009, my love for rap was gone. I had three rap posters in my room. My G-Unit poster was on the back of my door, and was the first to go. It was replaced my poster of Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries. My second new poster came in my new NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block-Backstreet Boys) CD, it was a mini poster and we put it underneath my TVD poster on my door.

Last summer my friend’s mom and sister were going to see NKOTBSB in concert and she said if I gave her money she’d bring back something. She brought back a giant version of the mini poster that came in the CD packet. It’s now in place where my Figure Skating and expensive car was at, above my bed. In October, I had a big weekend. I ordered my first Linkin Park poster. Which was very excited about! That next day, we went to Walmart and I came with a Transformers (Autobots) poster. Both are my right wall as you walk in. My Linkin Park poster is covering up my Jump5 poster I had gotten years before at my first concert. Christmas morning, I got a huge Slash poster and it might take Britney Spears cutout and old puppy poster is. It seems like the only place I have left with enough room. At least, we’re hoping there’s enough room.

There’s two more posters that need to go. I have two separate posters of 50 Cent and Eminem, one has Dr. Dre on it. I’ve been looking thinking of everybody I like and would want on my walls. I’ve had lots of bands/artists on my walls since I was younger. From Backstreet Boys to 50 Cent. I’ve had a big range of musical acts make it on my bedroom walls over the years. It never seems to get old either. Searching through online and every trip to Walmart, makes me excited. Especially in finding the right one. The other day I was on Amazon, and the only bands I wanted was Guns N Roses and Motley Crue. I could sense my inner teenage mother kicking in. I found the right Gn’R poster I wanted, but finding the right Motley poster was rough. I don’t want an old Motley Crue poster. I want a “newer” poster instead. The Gn’R poster I found was a “Sweet Child” promote and I didn’t have to think twice. I wanted that poster. Even though I couldn’t find a Motley poster, I thought of looking for Sixx:A.M. posters and apparently those don’t exist. I don’t know if I could handle Dj Ashba on my wall. Hell I don’t know if I could even handle Nikki Sixx on my wall.

Besides the posters, something I’ve been wanting too is more band/artists shirts. You would think I have enough, rightNope! You can never have enough T-Shirts of your favorites. It’s like a mobile poster you can wear on your body and less painful than a tattoo. I have three Linkin Park, two Paramore, Five Finger Death Punch, Slash, and Sixx:A.M. shirts. So in all, I have eight shirts. If you added up my G-Unit shit I had, it would 11 in all. I had two shirts, one jacket, and pair of jeans that I’m sure I only wore once. I saw Hot Topic online  of a “I ♥ BSB” shirt, a Gn’R, and Motley shirt. Not including the Carrie Underwood, Ke$ha, and T.I shirts that seemed amazing to get too, but they were on my “most wanted” list along with the Paramore and Five Finger Death Punch shirts. I came home with those two shirts, and coming home with two shirts is an amazing feeling! I’ll get those Gn’R and Motley shirts one of these days, and when I do. I’m going to get the red ASHBA SWAG pants. I have an awesome idea of making a “bad ass” outfit of taking the Gn’R shirt and Slash shirt and putting them together. Slash in front and Gn’R in back. I have a pair of red pants, but having those Ashba Swag pants would finish it off.