As A Fan…

 Been feeling aggravated at the fact about the rumors I’ve been hearing. Sometime ago, I was listening to Siruis XM The Pulse on my TV. I think it was Jim Ryan doing the music news report that there was NOT going to be a Guns N Roses reunion at Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. Jim stated both Slash and Axl’s statements about the rumors. A couple weeks ago, I was listening to SXM Octane (my top favorite radio station) and Kayla Riley had said that Slash just wants to move on from everything. I understand that and I don’t blame him. However, knowing the fact that the original Gn’R might not be at the induction breaks me in half. I’m not a BIG fan like some people are around this world, but I can say I listen to a few songs here and there I’d still like for them ALL to be there. It’s an honor, I mean, why waste it?

Found something interesting today. This was just the first thing that caught my eye. And the reason why it’s taken me to do this is because I follow some hardcore Gn’R fans on both Twitter and Tumblr. I’ve been afraid that since I don’t really listen to them that much and haven’t been alive that long that they would rip me apart. Right now, I don’t care so I’m going for it. I was on Nikki Sixx’s twitter and reading his tweets. And something just made me get all excited! A certain tweet made all these feelings come alive again. Here was the tweet:

“If the original Guns n Roses dont play the RRHOF i think it will really be a bummer to the fans that put them there…THoughts?”
I finally found somebody that agreed. Before finding this, I talked to pretty much everybody in my family about it and they agreed too, but I think they just nodded and smiled to get me to shut up. Oh well, they still said yes. I am a fan of the original Gn’R. It might be from reading both Slash and Duff’s books but the old Gn’R just make me happy like hearing a band whose been in retirement for years and come back for a surprise tour. I mean, there’s nothing better than the original. Having everybody but the singer replaced in a 80’s band is just weird. I know Axl’s got the name of Gn’R but really? It’s like taking ideas from somebody and putting your name on it and only that person gets the credit for it. That’s how I see it. Have I crossed the line? Yes, good! Now we’re getting somewhere.
Discovering new music, or in this case old music for me takes me awhile to accept. We’ve been through this before. If a band that I loved for some years didn’t go to an awards ceremony for the band to win something I’d be really crushed. We, as fans are the reason why any one of these bands get so big. We buy the records, we fall in love with their image, lyrics, stories, and life. We love everything about them. We make fan sites and armies for these people on different social networks. Different fans from all over the world are talking to others from other places in the world, some even learning to speak the language of their favorite bands. That’s big. Bands and artists save different fans with their music and lyrics. I’ve talked to a lot of people who say, they’ve saved me in the darkest part of my life. For one, you can not feel like you’ve done something good after hearing somebody say that. Just think if some of their fans saying it in front of them. They inspire us.
So with that being said, I think every Guns N Roses fan whose loved them from old to new, would be crushed if they didn’t see them there together for ONE freaking night! You’re all adults. Just make nice for ALL your fans for one night. All your fans who loved your songs, shows, music videos, clothes, and your attitude! There will never be another band like you! You still inspire the younger generation because they’re parents didn’t let them down from driving them crazy about the music today. Music then was real and raw, and now it’s sugar-coated. Bands and artists are being made up to act like somebody else. It shouldn’t be like that. Thank god rock music is still in style. It’s the only genre of music where you can be as free as you can be. As a fan can be. As an artist can be. This is what I think, but what do I know. I know as a fan, I’d love to be surprised by a miracle.