Movie Review: Friends With Benefits

Hmmmm… I just popped my neck. I wonder if Justin heard it. If you haven’t watched the movie yet you won’t get that first sentence at all. I just watched this movie, dying to see it for months now. For, of course the obvious Mr. Timberlake, but once I started watching it I noticed something. I never really liked Mila on That’s 70’s Show, but for some odd reason she looked really hot on here. I don’t know what it was that made the switch but I’m definitely not complaining yet. Oh, and seeing Shaun White, the snowboarder in this movie was a nice plus too!

I had seen No Strings Attached, and I really liked that movie as well. So I was kind of worried if both were going to be the same. Both have the same meaning in a sense. Friends just want to have sex with each other. Nothing else. Luckily, in both movies they had different storylines. Despite what others say, there is a difference between the two movies. Especially with the characters. In NSA, it was Natalie’s character (Emma) to have the emotional ties for Ashton’s character (Alex) and with this movie, it was mutual, well kind of.

I actually think I laughed more in this movie than the other. Ashton’s funny, but Mila is better. She made me crack up more than Justin did. Which is strange, but everytime I got a good look at his face, body and butt. I just lost all sense of control afterwards. I probably smiled more than anything else. It was a cute and funny movie. It was also interesting how much Mila’s character reminded m of myself and my habits. I want my Prince Charming, but something always goes wrong when I try to find. And I definitely have her potty mouth too!


Despite what the weather is doing outside my window at the moment. It keeps going back and forth between being calm to raging with high winds and thunder clashes around the entire house. The weather might be going crazy, but it’s not going to stop me from having a great day. I say that we a lot of confidence even if my mood starts to shut down on me. It will be a great day all day long. Days like these, feels like God’s little presents. Such a blessing to have a day like this, feel good inside and out (even though, I’m having pain in my hips) and things seem to be going right for me. I’m not thinking twice today, and I’m loving it! Something that makes this day that much better is the obvious, I got my book in the mail and from there it’s been nonstop smiles. Well, and a few laughs too. I thought I’d get it around noon, but God had other plans. It came around 11:30am. Dad surprised me with that and took it out of the package and made me wait until he was done looking at it to begin reading it. Yes, I started reading it as soon as he left the room.

About four pages in, I updated everybody on my Twitter that my book had come in and I tweeted my friend Jess, she had told me earlier that it is a lot bigger compared to the other books on her bookshelf. I thought it was going to be thick, but I didn’t expect HUGE! My other friend Fabi, I’ve been talking to her a lot lately, she’s one of my newer friends and a very big fan of Nikki Sixx. It makes things that much nicer! Anyways, she retweeted my tweet about my book and we had a mini conversation about the book and she realized after I said, “it’s freaking HUGE” sounded a bit dirty, at this point I laughed and went, “lol it does oops.” I didn’t notice at first but it’s fine. We talked a little bit more about how I was going to get my family reading it after I get done reading it. Which is going to be interesting, dad doesn’t really read anything but the newspapers and some cookbooks. Mom doesn’t usually have time to read it. It’s not in Emily’s range of books, but I think it could be something she’d like since she always wants to be less judgemental to others.

I’m already at page 29 and I got online to my Twitter (because before I was tweeting from my phone) and tweeted another one of my friends from a chat we had a while ago. Five minutes after ending that conversation, a certain tweet pops up and I instantly got all happy again. Not that I wasn’t happy talking to my friends, it was just an added bonus when this tweet showed up. It was from Nikki Sixx saying, “31 years ago Motley Crue was born. Horns and all.” How ironic is it, that my book comes in on same day as Motley was born? I mean, come on! That’s like the best thing ever! And I thought hearing our dog ChiChi singing at 5am this morning was the best thing ever! I was wrong, that is better! ChiChi is always good at singing and she always sings. But this was different. I’m a newly Motley Crue fan and this was the coolest thing ever to be apart of. Getting Nikki Sixx’s second book on a day like this is amazing!

Two more things that makes today better. Dad went to get more movies. He usually gets his scary movies that him and Emily enjoy. Even though Em doesn’t really like horror movies anymore because of “The Devil Inside.” I don’t really blame her there. He usually gets around, what looks like 10 movies altogether. He got me Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Jeff Dunham, and Friends With Benefits. Having Justin Timberlake in this amazing mix of goodness is awesome! Especially when I think he has his shirt off in this movie. I’m so excited! That sounds a bit dirty there too. Sorry about that, it’s going to be one of those days! Another good thing about today, well I found out about today. My favorite show Happily Divorced is going to be coming back on my TV screen in March! That’s the same month Dancing With The Stars come back on too! Yay! Okay, I’m done!