My Love/Hate Relationship With Art

In grade school my favorite class wasn’t lunch or recess, instead it was Art. My friend Ashlyn gave me a suggestion on my Twitter earlier. She gets very creative with these ideas, they’re definitely making me think. Today she told me to talk about my favorite thing to do as a kid and now and then compare each of them. Art, either it was drawing or painting I always loved it. Not necessary doing it myself, but I loved everybody’s else pictures. When I was in school besides writing, drawing was my second gift God blessed me with. Everybody was always amazed with me whenever I’d do both, but drawing was everybody’s favorite I think. My Art teacher in Elementary was Mrs. Hays. She was my favorite teacher out of like seven teachers I had. She always encouraged me on my artwork. She made me feel better after everybody watching me all the time while we worked on our projects.

When I got into middle school, we got into the 3-D type of projects. I noticed after my first attempt of making a cat in clay and it ended up looking like the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt. Except mine wasn’t suppose to end up like that and ironically enough the nose actually fell off when our teacher Mr. Ross welded them. We still have it somewhere, I actually hate it but everybody seems to still love it. It made realize that the 3-D projects were not for me. And I didn’t just do that one to make me realize it either. I made a box and cup and both of those were made by my aide. During my Junior year, I tried painting after five years of not painting at all. I did the ingredients of Salsa. We finally have those up after three years. I didn’t think I did well with those either so I never continued with painting.

Drawing, doodling for me is fun. It’s always been interesting what I’ll find and want to draw. When Senior year came I didn’t have art until second semester and I was worried that I’d never be able to have it then either with my ISTEP classes I had to have and others as well. When second semester came, I had ideas of what I wanted to draw and already had the pictures picked out. I was prepared. The only thing I was worried about was my teacher’s approval of the pictures. I had six guys I wanted to draw and only one picture out of the six was the original picture I picked out at first. Everybody’s would go back and forth. I got six portraits done in four months. Three of them were started a day after the other. My fourth was my shortest time, I did that one for three days. The longest amount of time was my last portrait and it took me two weeks. After I finished those drawings, I could have just stopped right there, but we had to have 9 to 11 projects.

Now I know you’re thinking, I only did six drawings, but however I did put two medias in one drawing. So it shortened my projects down a bit. When May came, my teacher didn’t want me to not do anything in his class so I had to find something else to draw. So I started searching for my best and favorite feature on a person: Eyes. I love eyes! With or without make up. I found hundreds of pictures but chose this picture of baby blue eyes. I already went into about this drawing a month ago, so I’m not going to talk about it again. After graduation, I vowed I was done was art. After years of people watching me and admiring my artwork I just stopped. I didn’t see the point of going on. The reason why is because when I was in class, even though everybody was admiring my artwork I was admiring their’s. I loved watching everybody else draw. It was more like envy, because they hated everytime I’d watch them. Thankfully, they never said anything about it, but I know the feeling of being watched and it sucks. Especially when you’re doing average things like writing and drawing.

So going back to Ashlyn’s topic. I have not gotten back into drawing. After two years, I’d like to start drawing again but I liked the fact that when I was in the class I had the teacher there to watch me and help me if I needed it. Which was often. I don’t think I can do it now. I already have pictures lined up in my head of who I want to draw. Everytime I look at different photography of people, I think “oh, that would be cool as a drawing.” Since I have a history of drawing celebrities like, my first was Justin Timberlake (Junior year) and Linkin Park (Senior year) they’re the first thing I want to do. I’ve been thinking of trying to go small, but that never happens in my case. There is one picture I’d just like to try to it’s a picture of James Michael. The lead singer of Sixx:A.M. I saw this picture and I literally went “I want to draw this” and then I start to get worried. Because all my doubts start flooding me and making me think twice about doing it on my own. This is what the picture looks like, it looks too detailed for me and my other drawings didn’t have that much detailed on them. See, all my doubts are coming in and making me think twice about it.

The Blonde With Purple Boots

Today was a fun day. Since my mom came home last night from work at midnight, I actually thought we weren’t going shopping today, but we did. She came in my room last night, I had actually went to rest my eyes for a minute and passed out. She came in and scared me and then told me I was asleep. For two whole months I’ve waited up for her on the weekdays. I wasn’t even that tired last night, and I still passed out. I woke up this morning around 10ish to a small dog jumping on me like usual. I sat in the backseat because mom let Emily drive to Evansville, and mom has to sit up with her in the front. So since they did that I had my iPod on the whole trip up there and was actually relaxed. I looked out the windows as usual and looked at the sky. I always love doing that. The sun was out and the clouds were everywhere. It was just relaxing.

Once we got there, we went to Red Lobster. Now everytime we go to Evansville, mom thinks we should eat there. My sister and I argue with her all the time because she never wants to go anywhere else. I will always want to go to Steak N Shake. Emily would want to go to somewhere else. After we ate, we went to the mall. I was anxious and only wanted to go into two stores, the rest I didn’t care about. Emily wanted to go into everywhere. Mom got more uniforms first like the last time, while she did that Emily and I went looking around. Surprisingly, we went into the same three stores we went into the last time we were there. Icing (or however you can it), Charlotte Russe, and Wet Seal. Mom had already told us to not buy anything from Wet Seal because half of the clothes Em got there got destroyed after a few washes.

I only had two stores I wanted to go into and that was, Vanity and Hot Topic. We went into Vanity and I began looking for this shirt I found online and didn’t find it or anything I liked. I was kind of mad at first because I thought I was saving too much money just to order about two shirts online. When we went on Hot Topic, I was excited and then I got upset. Here’s the difference between Vanity and Hot Topic (besides clothes) the space in both is different. Vanity has tons of space in there. I probably could do a few doughnuts in there and not run into anything. I’d freak out a few people but that’s how much space there is in there. Hot Topic is totally the opposite. Besides the people in there, it was a mad house! Space is limited in there. I couldn’t even get in the back where half of the good stuff is. So I stayed up in the front. Then God sent a rockin’ angel to help me.

When we first got in Hot Topic there was this little blonde girl who works there and told us about the sale they were doing. Well I looked her up and down in envy, she was so adorable! Then I saw her boots and I was just in love! She had these furry purple boots. I immediately told her I loved her boots. Then as I started trying to make my way into the store, mom told me to just ask her for help. I caved. As much as I wanted to look, there was no way I could. So this sweet little thing helped me out. She looked for everything they had. She brought out the Paramore and Five Finger Death Punch shirts. She put the Paramore shirt I wanted on my lap, and put back the FFDP back (but later brought back out). Afterwards I asked her about The Vampire Diaries and God help me Guns N Roses and Motley Crue shirts. The only one they had been Guns N Roses shirt. I didn’t get it because I’m not really a fan of theirs. Mom was with Emily the whole time so this blonde with purple boots was my helper. I should have asked what her name was, but I felt bad asking her to help me I forgot. I know that’s their job but of course I felt bad. I probably sounded dumb around her anyways.

Besides these stores, there were two other stores where I actually enjoyed being in. PacSun and Body Central. I have never went into PacSun before and I may go back there next time. Especially if that cute guy is there. I didn’t flirt with him but apparently watching my mom after purchased Emily’s things, right before we left he waved at me and smiled. I could have died right there and then. Dad would not approve of him. He had gauges in his ears and had tattoos. He’d be a goner for sure. He was still cute to look at though. Last time we went into Body Central it was awful! No space for me and too many people. This time around it was more space, same amount of people. I also don’t shop for pants, and when we went in there I stopped at these pants. They looked really cute and long. The pair I picked out where these Zebra print, silver pants. Mom called them “rockstar pants” and Emily said there something LMFAO would wear and she was right. Since they were on sale, I got another pair and those look like a sweater backwards. They’re in sweater material for pants. They’re super cute! I didn’t pick those out though.