No More Shows

Since the holidays are coming in fast, especially Thanksgiving. Since it is tomorrow and everything. All of my favorite shows are going off for the year, which sucks! Dancing With The Stars ended this week, and won’t be on until March 2012. Which I’m already thinking of people that need to be on the show. I’m not telling who I want on just yet. I think I’ll keep that a secret until like February or early March. That way I have tons of time to think of more people and which pros should be on with them. That’s the thinker in me.

Not only did that show end for the holidays, end of year and such. So did my The Vampire Diaries, last week was hard but not as bad as I thought it would. Some people were upset that there wasn’t an epsiode on, but there was a movie with Paul Wesley on instead. I watched that and actually enjoyed it very much. Last week, on both Wednesday and Friday had new episodes of the shows I especially watch but at the end they usually have what the next episode is going to be for next week. Both Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Blue Bloods didn’t have either one and I wasn’t very happy.

Even though I’m sad about those ending for I hope only for Thanksgiving. I’m keeping my toes crossed for that. One show is coming back next Wednesday. Hot In Cleveland is coming back and I’m very excited. I hate when I have nothing to watch at night and my mom comes home from work at 10pm. If I don’t have anything to watch it’s almost impossible to stay up. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find something good to watch during these next few weeks to keep me awake long enough to see my mom when she gets home from work. You can only hope.

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