TWLOHA & The Butterfly Project.

Everybody has heard about To Write Love On Her Arms. For those who haven’t, it’s an organization that have struggled with depression, self-harm, and thoughts of suicide. On TWLOHA day, people are to show support of the ones who struggle with these. Another one you probably haven’t heard of is The Butterfly Project.  It’s where you draw butterflies on your wrist when you ever feel like self-harming or just in support of it. If you draw one, you name it after someone you really love, and if you cut across the butterfly, it makes the person you named it after sad because they would want you to stop. You can’t wash them off, you have to let it fade.

My sister Emily and I support both of these organizations. I think she’s done the most about promoting both of them. Today at school, she kept posting on Facebook and Twitter how many people she was getting to support TWLOHA. At first she posted she got 11 people. Five minutes she commented saying, she was at 15. In all she got 31 people at school to support. She said she even got two teachers. That is really amazing for her to do that in one day.

 Just because you don’t self harm doesn’t mean you can’t support organizations like To Write Love On Her Arms or The Butterfly Project. Self harm is a very serious thing. You may think it’s for people who are just looking for attention, or for people trying to be “emo”, but it’s not. Self harm is a way to get a temporary fix for an ongoing struggle they have. Looks can be deceiving, and words real…ly do hurt. A person could have a smile on their face and act like the happiest person in the world, but on the inside they’re hurting more than you can imagine. So before you make fun of someone for self harming, or judge them in any other way, just know that you’re making things worse for that person. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What if it were you? ♥ εїз

The Disney Actors Have Grown Up.

I’ve done a post like this before on my other blog about the “Curse of the Disney Channel Stars” because for some reason ever since Lindsay Lohan messing up her life and Miley Cyrus living her life as an 18 year old scares people apparently. When Miley’s album “Can’t Be Tamed” came out everybody freaked. Nobody liked how she was dressing or what she was saying in her songs. She also had family issues going on too, so everytime she wore something producative, the media would bash her for it.

Why can’t these stars be like normal adults? Yes, they go to award shows and stuff and you’d like them to see them in a beautiful gown, but sometimes they should take some risks. I’m taking some of my words from my “Safe” post a little. Demi Lovato dressed like this at the Latin Grammys last night. I think she looks absoluately gorgeous! She’s a newly confident woman. For having issues with her body before, she looks flawless here. So what she’s showing cleavage. She’s not a kid anymore. Everybody needs to grow up!

I recently saw some pictures of dresses that Selena Gomez wore to a few award shows. Some of them were lace like and cut short, but even though Selena was also a Disney actress too she didn’t much press about it as her bestie Demi. Miley is getting known for her “have it, flaunt it” dresses. They all played good characters on Disney, but I think it’s time to let them go! Girls need good role models I understand that, but Demi has had issues with weight, cutting, and bullying. She’s turned around and shows girls everything that they will make it. Everybody’s beautiful in their own way.

The Hungry Post.

It’s about to get pretty funny now. I literally woke up this morning thinking about Rally’s. This isn’t a joke either. I woke up to thinking about what the three of us girls are going to do tomorrow. Mom suggested going to the movies tomorrow afternoon. Which is in Jasper, everytime we go there we get pizza. Well I’m not like everybody else in my family, I can’t eat pizza every single time. So instead I starting thinking. Thinking about food at 7am is probably the worst thing ever. Not to mention my TV is on the Cooking network right now.

I’m actually suppose to be asleep right now, but I had to finish certain things online and look up the menu of Rally’s. I do everything, but I couldn’t find the price range on the websit if it killed me. I found two that I actually wanted. Cheese Fries with Bacon or Chili. Thing is, mom would probably talk me out of getting the chili one because the possibility of heartburn during the movie. Here’s my defensive on that subject. I always get heartburn when we get breadsticks with cheese. Not that big of a difference now is it? 

This is weird part. I haven’t hung out with my friends since probably the end of August. I have actually never had Rally’s before. Here is where these two go together. When I was about to turn 18 my friends and I all went and hung out and two of the girls were hungry even though we were going to get pizza after the movie. So my friend who was driving went to Rally’s. Brooke got the Cheese fries with Bacon and Ranch, which we thought was disgusting. Jasmine got the Cheese fries with just Bacon on it. She couldn’t finish her’s and I had maybe one of two bites out of it and when she offered to all of us if we wanted it, I gladly took it without hestiation. It was SO yummy! I don’t think I tried Brooke’s because I think the Ranch just threw me off.

That was three years ago and haven’t went back there since. I gave my mom a text this morning telling her I was literally craving it. When she came in my room, I asked her “would you at least think about it?” She said she would, but I already know I’m not getting Rally’s this weekend. Well that’s my food post for the day. Sorry if it made hungry. Happens to the best of us.

The Perfect Room.

Everybody knows I want my bedroom with nothing but pictures, but actually I want my room to be like this. I want white Christmas light wrapped around the corners of my room. Just dangling down from the sides. They don’t have to be all straight and perfect because my room isn’t perfect. Everything in my room thats hung up is slightly off just a little.

This girl has got a clever mind. She has family and friends pictures on one wall and other pictures on the other. Which is smart. Normal pictures that you develop from a digital camera are medium size and will match up with other pictures when you go to hang them up. You could make a nice collage that way. With posters and pictures in magazines can come in every size and so it’s sometimes are to place them to fit. She looks like she’s doing a good job on that part of the wall.

Her bed is just small enough to fit in that little corner. My bed is tucked in a corner kind of like this but I like her whole layout of it. She’s got her bed by all her pictures surrounding her. She’s got a night stan with a light, which to me is kind of dumb when you have Christmas lights all around your room. It just raises your electic bill even higher before you put the lights in. I need to get a mini stan for my room. I put everything on the floor and have to lift about 80% of it up to me. Thankfully some of the stuff I leave on the floor doesn’t weight but an ounce or so. I still want one so that everything has a place and whenever dad comes into my room to take me to the bathroom or something he doesn’t have to push everything over so I can’t get to it anymore.