Movie Review: Zookeeper

This is such a cute movie! Kevin James is such a good actor. Most of his movies been in are freaking hilarious! Somehow everytime they put animals in it, it makes things that much funnier. How this whole movie was so enjoyable because the animals were trying to help Kevin James’ character “Griffith” try and win back this snobby girl who he loved very much but when he proposed to her five years earlier she declined because he was a Zookeeper. I pretty much hated her guts!

Having Kevin is one thing to be happy about, but having Rosario Dawson, Donnie Wahlberg, Maya Rudoph, and Cher in this movie really made it awesome! I thought Donnie Wahlberg was going to voice one of the animals, but no, he plays a jerk zookeeper instead. Maya Rudoph plays the Giraffe. I knew I recongized that voice from somewhere another voice I knew was the female lion. Cher is the female lion. I literally went back and forth to who that voice was. For some reason I kept imagining Happy Potter, but I was definitely wrong.

This movie is definitely a family movie. Seeing Griffith and the Gorilla, Bernie singing to Flo Rida’s “Low” was just the best thing ever. So funny! Having the Monkey say “throw poop at her!” When Griffth asked the animals for help through the phone. The poor crow got a bad rap. All he wanted was be a Zoo animal. I felt bad for him. Kids would definitely love this movie. I’m a kid at heart and I enjoyed this movie.

First Snow

It is starting to feel like wintertime, even though I don’t think it’s that yet. I think it’s still fall. It usually starts snowing around the second week in November, this time it got very close to December. Two days worth actually. When I first got up this morning, which was an hour ago. I thought we were going to get another storm. All we’ve gotten the past few days was rain. Nonstop it felt like really. It was so yucky and not very light enough to light up my room. Since I can’t turn on my light myself I kind of hope for a sunny day, it hardly happens. So I just sit in the dark but thankfully the TV and laptop have good lights on them when it gets very dark in the mornings.

My mom just got up and came in here and looked out my window besides I was giddy and wanted to show her the snow outside. I forgot she has to drive in this stuff, but the only thing it’s sticking to is the roofs and cars. So her truck is practically covered with snow. I don’t really see the snow on the ground but I also can’t see the ground in the first place. I’m just happy I can see it outside my window and it looks pretty. As much as I love summer, I love winter too! I like the snow, not the cold weather that has to come with it. I can deal without it.