Christmas Cards

This will be my second year not doing any Christmas cards. Since I haven’t been in school I don’t have anybody to make and give out and I’m surprised to say this but I actually miss making them. So I think I’m bringing them back. So I got to thinking about how to send them to, my family would most likely get cards from my nana, so that takes care of them. I think I’m going to go even bigger than my Senior year. I think I’m going to send them out to my Twitter friends. I think it would be awesome to do that for them! Since I have so many of them and in different places around the world I’m going to have to be smart about this.

I feel like Santa Claus. I am going to the ones overseas first, since they are the majority of everybody on my Twitter. Thing is, everybody is in time zones. Two of my friends, Manaroma and Laricya are from the far side, so I might have to send theirs out first before anybody else’s. Then the ones everwhere else. I don’t think everybody will get one. I’m going to be making a list, and checking more than twice apparently. After them, I’ll do the ones in the U.S. and hope they all arrive on time. I’m crazy to be doing this, but I really want to do this. It would be very sweet and special for a lot of them. I’m going to make my list now.