Book Review: “The Ring And The Crown” by Melissa de la Cruz

17200974_1190394871070094_2385203544738160469_nBack in April, I got a chance to purchase a new book! I found it at Wal-Mart for about $8 and it was called “The Ring And The Crown” by the author Melissa de la Cruz. If she sounds familiar, she’s written the Blue Bloods and Witches Of East End series. I immediately recognized her name so my exceptions were already high to begin with, but it wasn’t long before this book wasn’t hitting that mark.

The book starts with Aewlyn and shows how much power she has and how she can control it since she’s been away to Avalon. The second character is Princess Marie-Victoria who is heir apparent to the Lily Throne, while her mother Queen Eleanor and her magical adviser Merlin (and Aewlyn’s father) at her side. Marie has been plagued with sickness throughout her life so she’s still quite frail but as heir she will do her duty to the people of London. However, she does not want to, plus she doesn’t even want to marry the Prussian Prince Leopold after he opened Pandora’s box to win the war – in an act to bring peace to both sides, these two will have to marry to secure the alliance.

However, there are more characters included into the story than besides these five people. You have Prince Wolf, who is Leo’s brother, Isabelle of Orleans, who was arranged to marry Leo as a child while her father was still alive to secure the family fortune and an American named Ronan who comes to the season searching for not only a husband but a title to help her secure her family name as well! And this is where the review turns a little sour. So if you haven’t read it yet, I don’t suggest you to continue reading this next section!

There are a lot of pros and cons to the story. I liked the outline of the ball, magic and the two main characters, but there were unfortunately too many cons in the story as well! The amount of characters and their roles with each other can be extremely confusing if you’re not careful. I think Isabelle could have been just a mistress to Leo and that’s it, but instead her story line is as big as Marie. And I felt Ronan and Wolf could have been a separate story altogether.

One of the biggest things with the plot that I had trouble wrapping my brain around was the time frame. It talks about London and the Prussian Empire but there is not a direct date and I know because it’s a fictionalized story it shouldn’t matter, but if you’re going to talk about King Henry VII in certain sections, you need to be more clear on where it is at that time for all of these characters. Melissa gives you more descriptions on the fashion and magic, but the most important part of the story is missing!

Despite the fact that I have written out this book review, I have not finished the book. I still know what chapter I left off on, but I cannot continue to read it. I actually gave it a 2 on the Goodreads rating. I know my mom will think I let the reviews I read about the book itself has helped in my judgement but all they did was help me realize that not all books deserve a full 5 stars and if I don’t think a book is up to par then I need to stop.

If you’ve read the book, what were your thoughts on it? Did you ever finish it?


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No More Shows

Since the holidays are coming in fast, especially Thanksgiving. Since it is tomorrow and everything. All of my favorite shows are going off for the year, which sucks! Dancing With The Stars ended this week, and won’t be on until March 2012. Which I’m already thinking of people that need to be on the show. I’m not telling who I want on just yet. I think I’ll keep that a secret until like February or early March. That way I have tons of time to think of more people and which pros should be on with them. That’s the thinker in me.

Not only did that show end for the holidays, end of year and such. So did my The Vampire Diaries, last week was hard but not as bad as I thought it would. Some people were upset that there wasn’t an epsiode on, but there was a movie with Paul Wesley on instead. I watched that and actually enjoyed it very much. Last week, on both Wednesday and Friday had new episodes of the shows I especially watch but at the end they usually have what the next episode is going to be for next week. Both Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Blue Bloods didn’t have either one and I wasn’t very happy.

Even though I’m sad about those ending for I hope only for Thanksgiving. I’m keeping my toes crossed for that. One show is coming back next Wednesday. Hot In Cleveland is coming back and I’m very excited. I hate when I have nothing to watch at night and my mom comes home from work at 10pm. If I don’t have anything to watch it’s almost impossible to stay up. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find something good to watch during these next few weeks to keep me awake long enough to see my mom when she gets home from work. You can only hope.

Before The Night Begins.

Tonight starts off of my shows. Most of them ended last week and all the fall shows start up tonight. Since it’s Monday everybody will either be waiting to watch Two And A Half Men, to mostly see if it will suck without Charlie Sheen on there. The other show I know a lot of people are ready for is Dancing With The Stars. I’m ready of a new season of that.

My third show is actually The Playboy Club. It premieres tonight at 10pm EST on NBC. Luckily it’s on right after and a channel below Dancing With The Stars. I’ve watched the previews for this show a few times. I’m mostly watching it for the time it takes you back to and the one and only Jenna Dewan-Tatum. I love her to pieces. I can’t wait until it comes on tonight!

I don’t think I have anything to watch tomorow or Wednesday night. I can’t think at the moment about all the shows. I know Thursday and Friday night’s shows, but not Wednesday. Thursday night I have the obvious, The Vampire Diaries and their new show The Secret Circle. I watched it last week and loved it. Friday night I have Blue Bloods. I’m so excited it comes back on! I’ve missed my Donnie Wahlberg fix every Friday night. Even though it’s been reruning season one since it ended I could have had my Blue Bloods fix every Friday night.

That Time Again.

It’s that time again where some seasons of our favorite shows are ending and new ones are starting up after a long wait. It also doesn’t help that sports are starting up like Football started up last week and baseball will be ending soon too. Then it’ll be time for basketball.  I think we never get breaks from anything sport wise. It’s always Baseball, Nascar, Football, and Basketball and all the other sports in between. I’d like a longer break, but if I want to get married one day I’m going to have shut up.

These are some of my shows that are ending or have ended already. Happily Divorced, Hot In Cleveland, and The Closer ends tomorrow. I know I have a few more that end but I can’t think of them right now. However, I do have ALOT that are going to be starting up again. Which means my mind and sleep are going to be so messed up by the time they all end. The shows that start up are: Dancing With The Stars, The Vampire Diaries, Blue Bloods, Tia & Tamera, and Two And A Half Men.

I’m going to be packed again. I’m also going to be doing my Dancing With The Stars weekly posts. Wanting to do The Vampire Diaries too, but I don’t think I’m going to do that because since I don’t want to give away anything to people who wouldn’t be able to watch until Tuesday, after awhile on Twitter you learn some things. Like when The Vampire Diaries is on Thursdays for us in America, it doesn’t premiere until that Tuesday. So yeah, big doubt I’ll be doing that.

Sleepless Night.

I hate when I can’t sleep at night. I remember looking at the clock the first time trying to go to sleep and waking up shortly after. That was midnight. I kept hearing noises around my room and it made me really paranoid. Our cat Oliver can get into my closet now and he has to clean himself all the time and makes noises when he decides he’s going to pull out his fur. He’s an old cat with a lot of bad habits. Everytime he would move something would move with him. He likes to sit on the laptop a lot. We don’t know why exactly. He can’t seem to walk around the laptop either. He manages to turn off the laptop everytime he walks on it. I’ve tried stopping him but he just jumps right over me. Turd!

It’s officially 8 o’clock here. I went to bed at midnight. I’m a freaking idiot! Maybe I should give my family and friends that if I start to be all mean and act like I’m about to explode I hardly got any sleep last night. I wanted to stay up and watch Blue Bloods last night. accomplished that, and man wasn’t that a good episode. I was torn between the fact that the guy was a felony and used the gun to protect a girl. He did the right thing, just kind of bad that he’s been charged as an felony. I think the more I watch the show I start to have a crush on Jamie. He is pretty cute.

I loved at the beginning when Danny is trying to put together the truck for his son, Grandpa has to be a smartass. The whole Sunday dinner scene was funny too! The guy who plays Grandpa is hilarious sometimes. Makes me laugh a lot. I like the fact that they’re reairing the whole season, I didn’t get to see the beginning of it and I was kind of regretting it but now I am watching it from the beginning. The ending episodes are starting to make some scene. Oh yeah! By the way, Donnie Wahlberg looked amazingly hot in this episode. Actually I don’t think there’s not a episode where he doesn’t good in. I probably just jinxed myself.