Oh My God – Sixx:AM Lyrics

She was born at 6am on New Year’s Day,
In an alley right at the heart of where the homeless children play,
And the truth is that we will never even know her name,
Cos as long as we can fill our glasses up, we will look the other way.

And it’s not that far from here, to New Orleans,
Where the seemingly forgotten people are still foreclosen on their dreams,
And we’d just as soon keep on staring at the TV screen,
While this world just bleeds to death like some romantic end to a movie.

Oh my God, this is insane,
How’d it get like this, or has it always been this way,
Oh my God, I’m so ashamed,
When we try to close our eyes and make this go away.

And we sit in our highrise apartments and complain about things that don’t matter,
And we race through this life just to see who can die with as much as we can gather,
And a few blocks away a teenage mother plays Russian Roulette with her daughter,
Is this the best that we can do, is this the best that we can do.

Oh my God, this is insane,
How’d it get like this, or has it always been this way,
Oh my God, I’m so ashamed,
When we close our eyes to make this go away.

A Thousand Years ♥

Well it’s already being an interesting day. I’m trying to learn Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain” and Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.” Since I usually listen to them through my headphones first and then just to go from there. I’m usually right or wrong. I’ll get the chorus right but the versus I won’t be able to get until I actually look at the lyrics. I’m a fast learner when it comes to lyrics. If it’s a really slow song, like “A Thousand Years” I end up learning the entire song within a day or so. I’m kind of tempted to learn Cassie’s “Radio” and Five Finger Death Punch’s “Remember Everything” but I don’t know yet.

Since Emily had the laptop yesterday while I was on the big computer downloading my songs. She signed me out of my Tumblr account. I don’t have a clue what my password is to it, so I started thinking about changing my nana’s Tumblr that she never uses, into my new account. I actually hate this, because I had Josie Stevens on my original account and I don’t know if she’d follow me back on this one or not. I changed almost everything on there, but the password. Might as well keep the password as it is, since I can remember that. I hate the other fact that I have nobody following me back but my friend Mandy and I was almost up to 60 people on my last one. That sucks!

I’m debating on something right now. My dad is letting my mom get this tanning bed, it’s a more of a stand up kind than an actual bed. It’s an early Christmas present. Before they started to clean that half of that room, she suggested that I tan too. I’m scared because I remember all the times those two came back from the damn tanning place complaining they were sunburnt. I’m not that desperate. Even though got to say I hate how I tan legs and arms but my chest is white as snow. So I’m even more tempted to just to try it and see, but I’m scared shitless though. We’ll see!