Fuzzy Pants and Dirty Dancing

This has been an interesting two days. Yesterday was better than I expected it to be minus a few things. Today I woke up not as early as yesterday morning, but it was still earlier than I’ve been getting up before Thanksgiving even arrived. I woke up this morning with my bladder about to explode! I hate that and I woke up at 5am. I got about four or five hours of sleep, which is better than I thought I’d get at all. Since I took a three-hour nap after we came home from nana’s, I seriously thought I wouldn’t get any sleep that night, but Just Dance I think wore everybody out. After I did “Tightrope” for the second time in a row I was pooped and said, “I’m done for the night.”

Today though was fun. We went black Friday shopping in town. It wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. I kept imagining all week long that it could be very crowded or not at all. It wasn’t thank God! Mom found some work scrubs and Emily found some cute flats and a shirt. I’m somewhat picky when I go shopping. I’ll stop and look at different things and show mom or Em but I don’t usually want it that bad enough to get it. I usually want an iTunes card, and I got one of those and I should be making a list of songs right about now too. Mom found some cute yoga and fuzzy pants and got those for me for Christmas. Then when we were in the movie section, she pointed out “Dirty Dancing” and then I found “DreamGirls.” I love that movie, but she got Dirty Dancing instead.

After that we went back to nana’s house and eat her fruit and veggie trays. I think I ate too much veggies today. Before I even started eating the veggies I had a cupcake, nana was good and made cupcakes instead of an actual cake. While I was eating the cupcake I almost got choked on it, I was trying to chew it and breathe at the same time. It doessn’t work like that. Today my Aunt Laurie, her boyfriend Mike, and her son Tate are going back home. I’m sad about that, because mom’s home this weekend, but Emily’s got a basketball game tomorrow night and apparently it’s suppose to storm. Which means I’m not going to it. Oh well, I’ll go to the next one that’s on a Saturday.

What Do Thanksgiving and Strippers Have In Common?

Yesterday I promised myself that I’d do my “Top 5 Things I’m Thankful For” but since it was just plain crazy I never got to do anything but tweet from my phone. Some of the things I’m thankful for are family (all of them). my friends (the very little I have left. However I am greatful for having them though), God (I’m very greatful that he is still guiding me through this tough and somewhat choatic life and has never given up on me.), I’m greatful for being able to Just Dance 3 sitting in my wheelchair and getting one hell of a workout and kicking my nana’s ass! Sorry had to! Last but not least, I’m thankful for…

Not only was yesterday crazy but it had it’s fun moments. I was afraid since half of them family wasn’t going to be there it would suck. It was rough only seeing nine people instead of a dozen. Nana’s kitchen was still crowded but not as crowded as the year’s before. It would probably take one giant miracle to get everybody back on the same page again. Besides having this go through my mind. Around the second time mom and Emily went back home to help dad with the Turkey, Emily got the Wii and Just Dance 3. I was definitely sittin in the wrong wheelchair to be playing that sucker, but I still did it though. Thank god for being a fighter.

At six o’clock last night (after my mom, sis, and myself went back home to nap) we came back to my nana’s to eat again and chat. Aunt Laurie and my mom got onto the conversation about my age and figured out what we should do for my 21st Birthday next year. Mom suggested going to a Strip Club. Or at least somebody suggested it I just don’t know who did. I already figured out that apparently my mom and aunt are getting drunk with me. I already sided I wasn’t going to a Strip Club with my mother and crazy aunt, I’d explain that but I think she’d have a cow if I did.

We played Just Dance 3 with pretty much everybody but Tate and Papaw even though while my nana and I were dancing to Janelle Monae’s song “Tightrope” he offered her to dance but she was busy getting her butt whupped. She wasn’t trying to beat me but I was trying to beat her. I am no match for Emily, but I figured I could kick some ass between my nana and I. Seeing two deaf people and my nana dance to it might me feel happy. Everybody was dancing and I was slightly dancing and sweating my ass off as I was doing it, but it was  fun.