My HOPE For MAKS Is Gone

It is the end of week nine of Dancing With The Stars, for some like me this goodbye has been long overdue. From the start of the show I did not like Hope and Maks. For one thing, I don’t know anything about Hope except that she’s a soccer player. That’s it. Maks is known for having a cocky attitude and this season was no different than besides having a twin. By the end of the competition Hope started to show her cocky side to the game and from there got some less votes from me.

Although Hope and Maks has a lot more downfalls in their dances, there were actually some dances I liked, which is surprising! Her movie score dance of Toy Story was cute and very good. Halloween week was pretty good too. There was a third dance I liked and it was last week’s dances. I think I liked her Jive more though. They started over and were nice to each other and it wasn’t an intense rehearsal that are known for on the show.

Last night’s show was another story. Not only were they not being like last week, being nice. Hope got a little mad and Carrie-Ann popped off to Maks when they were getting advice from the judges on their first dance of the night. Another thing was Hope pretty much bashed everybody else on the show. That was uncalled for. They needed to go a long time ago. She was even bashed on Twitter last night. So it wasn’t all me. Next week is the FINALS! Who is going to take the Mirror Ball trophy? Rob and Cheryl? Ricki and Derek? Or J.R. and Karina? Your thoughts.

Plan To Read

I’m on another website called Shelfari. My friend Mandy introduced it to me on Twitter. I made my account this afternoon and I’m very glad I did because I have two lists that I’m happy about. One list of books I’ve already read, which makes things easier to keep track of those for recommandations for other people. My other list is of books I want to read soon. The more I go on the site, the more I find books I want to read. I counted earlier of 15 books, but I think I added a few after that. Some of the books are from the two of the posts before. So I decided not to post them again. Here are the new¬†ones I found.

  1. Hot Blooded (I like how I said I didn’t like paranormal love stories and this describtion fits)
  2. Veronika Decides To Die (this sounded good)
  3. The Wonders of Ordinary Magic (recommandation for a reader)
  4. Daddy’s Little Secret (I found this one at random)
  5. Bunny Tales (found this when I was looking up Kendra’s books.)

True Confessions of a Heartless Girl

When I was either a Junior or Senior in high school. I read a book that I pretty much can say I couldn’t get enough of. After I finished it I was somewhat sad that it was over but glad it was done. There are few books that actually have that affect on me. After I graduated I actually started thinking about it again, which is interesting because after I read a book once I never read it again.

I’ve wanted to get “The Chosen One” by Carol Lynch Williams and this book again to read. Everytime I would look for a book to read on Barnes and Nobles I’d always get mad at myself for not remembering the title or what the girl’s name was, but I could remember what the book’s spine looked like (like colors, I remembered black, pink, and white) I get creative when I read a book, unless it’s a memoir I imagine the settings, places and even characters of the story.

Now that I found this book I’m super pumped to getting into this book again. I’m so happy that I didn’t give up on it. I kept looking and looking. Thing was I didn’t really have much to look for it. I didn’t remember the girl’s name and the only two words from the title I knew were “confessions” and “girl.” My friend introduced me to this site that keeps tracks of books you want, already read, and reading now. I searched “confession of a” and went through it three times to actually freaking out in excitement when I found the description that sounded the same and I recongized the author’s name. I was so happy! I am so happy I should say!