Time To Vote For People’s Choice Awards 2012.

It’s that time again. I think this is my all-time favorite award show. I love voting for the my favorite nominatees on the different categories. It’s so easy to nominatee different actors, actresses, musicians, movies, and TV shows. Then afterwards you vote out of all the choices other people have nominateed. It’s definitely the best show to have people vote for. I just love it.

I was originally only going to vote for Linkin Park but since when you click on the link it just started it from the beginning. It starts off with movies.

Here’s the nominatees in order:  Favorite Movie, Favorite Male Actor, Favorite Movie Actress, Favorite Movie Icon (which is a toughy!), Favorite Action Movie, Favorite Action Movie Star, Favorite Drama Movie, Favorite Comedy Movie, Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, Favorite Comedic Movie Actress, Favorite Move Star Under 25,Favorite Evsemible Movie Cast, Favorite Animated Movie Voice, Favorite Movie Superhero, Favorite Book Adaptation, Favorite Network TV Drama, Favorite TV Drama Actor, Favorite TV Drama Actress, Favorite Cable TV Drama, Favorite Network TV Comedy, Favorite TV Comedy Actor, Favorite TV Comedy Actress, Favorite Cable TV Comedy,Favorite TV Competition Show, Favorite TV Crime Drama, Favorite Scifi/Fantasy Show, Favorite Daytime TV Host, Favorite Late Night TV Host, Favorite TV Guest Star, Favorite TV Celebreality Star, Favorite New TV Drama, Favorite New TV Comedy, Favorite Male Artist, Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Song Of The Year, Favorite Album Of The Year,Favorite Pop Artist, Favorite Hip Hop Artist, Favorite R&B Artist, Favorite Band, Favorite Country Artist, Favorite Music Video, and last but not least Favorite Tour Headliner.

I didn’t realize how many there were until I laid them all out like this. That is alot of categories. Everybody vote for your favorites. If you don’t see your’s on here, better luck next time. Support everybody and vote for the nominatees daily or anytime you’re free. That’s what I’m doing. I just voted for the second time today. Here’s like the website. http://www.peopleschoice.com, Click on “VOTE” and and vote your ass off! Have fun!

The Road to the Finals.

So last night was a new episode of Dancing With The Stars, and the first couple that went was Rob Kardashian and his pro dance partner Cheryl Burke. They had the Quickstep and for their instant dance they had was the Jive. They did an awesome Quickstep as their first dance of the night. Cheryl has never done a instant dance before so they did ths for the first time.

Even though they did really good in both dances. Somebody came back from having an off week last week. J.R. and Karina were almost at the bottom of the leader board last week and this week they got back on top. They had a perfect score for both of their dances. They had the Waltz and the Jive. Ricki and Derek also had the Waltz and the Jive as well and were flawless, despite what the judges said about their instant dance. Carrie-Ann said Ricki looked like she was in and out of choreography a couple of times.

Hope and Maks were good last night. They decided to restart their whole thing. Since they are infamous of having the intense rehearsals. I don’t remember what overall they got last night, but I know they got a 9 in one of their dances. At the end of the Jive last night they were doing a move and the music stopped and they kept on going. Nancy and Tristan had a good first dance. The second was horrible. Len said, “it was like she was Cinderella at the ball and it had struck midnight and it was her time to go.” First off, uncalled for. Gotta say that thank God Tristan’s smart enough to keep his mouth shut unlike Maks.

Throughout last night’s episode I kept waiting for David and Kym to go on and dance and then realized it wasn’t going to happen. Lacey Scwimmer is dancing tonight, she dyed her hair pink and blue. So I don’t know if it’s permant or not but I’ll be on the lookout for her. It’s the results tonight and I have to update my mom on what goes on, but I didn’t tell her much about last night’s until she got home. Might do that if she doesn’t text me five times beforeheand.

This Is Called Whatever You Want.

So I woke up fairly early today. I feel a bit better than yesterday. It still looks like it could rain at any moment if it wanted to and yet the sun could come out and surprise us too. I would rather have the sun come out then have rain for a whole week. It just depresses me. So that might’ve been a factor of yesterday. Today is a new day, I’m in a better mood than what I was yesterday but I know the weather is changing again. My back and neck are hurting like a bitch today. My mom just gave me a pill to make the pain stop, but she gave me the wrong pain meds. I would rather have Advil if it’s not as bad. It wasn’t bad when it first started.

I read twice yesterday. I’m starting to get used to my little Kindle now. Especially the side buttons that turn the pages for me. I love how it’s light as a feather and easy to read without having to hold down a page or two without it closing up on you. They’ve all the same though. I have to use my remote to prop it up on my bed, which is fine. I’m really liking the book I’m reading too. I’m reading Cheryl Burke’s memoir, Dancing Lessons. I’ve been wanting to read it for awhile. As I get more into it the more I like it. Since the Kindle doesn’t really have pages to go off of, I am 49% through it so far. I haven’t read any of it today so I’m thinking it will be in 50s today or more but I’m not going to push myself.

I was just on Twitter and saw two things trending on there. “The Duggars” and “Michelle Duggar” and I clicked on one of them and saw that they are expecting their 20th child. That’s just crazy! I’m happy for them, but there are a lot of kids in that one house. I looked them up on Wikipedia and wanted to look up how old the younger ones were. They have a 2 year old and 1 year old whose about to turn 2 herself. I think I read that right. Josie was a premie and was a complicated pregnancy. I have this baby and pregnant is better than her last one. I also saw that their oldest son Josh and his wife, had a son Micheal James. I knew they’d stick with the “M” thing after they named their first Mackynzie.