Movie Review: Bridesmaids

I’ve wanted to watch this movie from the first time I saw it advertise on TV. Thought it was going to be good and hilarious, but I didn’t think it was going to be inspiring too. I’ll get into that in a minute. It’s a comedyy-drama movie, Maya Rudolph’s character “Lillian” gets engaged and her best friend from childhood Annie (Kristen Wig) is her maid-of-honor. At Lillian’s engagement party though she introduces her other bridesmaids, and one in particular she hates with a passion.

Annie, is a single woman who had a baking business and lost it to the economy and everything else she had. Her mom is a little crazy and yet her whole life is just plain nuts. When Annie goes to give the bridesmaids ideas for Lillian’s balchorette party, other bridesmaid Helen (Rose Bryne) wants to conrtol everything even though Annie has known Lillian the longest. At the bachlorette party, that Helen planned because of a freak accident that happened to Annie on their way to Las Vegas, Helen had charge of planning everything. Well Annie was at her breaking point. And she exploded.

The whole movie was good but very interesting. From the beginning to the end I realized I am kind of like Annie in a sense. She thinks she has no friends at one point of the movie and thinks her whole life is diseaster. I’ve thought that way before. Character Megan (Melissa McCarthy) has a heart to heart chat with Annie and tells her she is going to be fine. She tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself. So Annie decides to fix most of the things that ended badly.

I’ve been in Annie’s shoes before, and I think this movie made me realize that I really need to stop feeling sorry for myself. Not everything in life goes right and stays on a good path. She found love in an unlikely place. She gave up on something she loved and it wasn’t until someone had to wake her up. I wish I worked that fast. I get a good five minutes of good and then it all comes crashing down. I think I should stop feeling sorry for the things I can’t control. I should just be happy for the things I have and can do and be done with it.