Something I’ve Always Wanted To Do

When you were little, or even now go to someplace and celebrated something or somebody and released balloons into the sky it was cool to see all these different colored circles floating up to the sky and wondering how far up yours goes and if you’ll find it later afterwards. Which that usually never happens. Trust me, I’ve wanted to do that but mom has always said no.

Something I’ve wanted to do though is let a balloon with a light in it float up to the sky at night like this picture. To me that’s so cool and special. I don’t know why it’s special, but I’m sure you can make special than what you’re suppose to. Have you ever watched James and The Giant Peach? James takes a potato chip bag from the trash can after he gets yelled at by his aunts. He takes this bag and draws on it and sings a song to a spider he finds by his window.

After he gets done drawing on the bag, he folds it up and blows inside it to make it expand. Afterwards he grabs a string to tie his birthday candle onto the bag balloon and lights it and opens up his window and releases it and it just floats away. I’d love to do that. I think releasing a bunch them is just magical and makes you wonder if God and the angels see them at all.

What Is This?

I reblogged this on Tumblr. As I keep looking at this, the more I wonder about it. It literally drives me crazy. At first when you look at it, it looks like an eye, doesn’t it not? Well look on the outside of the black circle. That definitely doesn’t look like the colored part of your eye. Even though the picture is in black and white, you know your eyes don’t look like that because if it did, your eyes are dried out and that’s not suppose to happen. At least I don’t think it’s suppose. Just looking at this picture confuses me, because I don’t have a clue of what it is but it looks like an eye. What do you think?

History Mixed With Music

Everybody should know by now that I am a history junkie. I love to watch specials and movies on certain things from different times that’s actually true. I love both of the History Channels we have on our TV’s. I’m seriously addicted to anything that has to go with them, that a few family members have laughed at me for it. I’m use to it, it’s what I like. Can’t change that. Two things that I love finding more about are ship wrecks and Egyptian things. I love both of those to pieces.

I think ever since I watched this movie, I got so into the actual story of it and other ship wrecks. I’ve watched a few specials about Titanic and her sister ships. I’ve also watched a special on another ship wreck. I’m bad with names and dates, so you have forgive me there. I love hearing stories from surviving passengers and pictures of the ship before it wrecked. I think that’s so interesting to read and hear grandchildren talk about stories their grandparents told them about. It’s just so cool.

I’m listening to the soundtrack right now on Spotify. I love insturmentals songs and love how certain songs are just done in piano. I love it that way. Celine Dion did the song, “My Heart Will Go On” we all know that, but I think people should listen to the insturmentals of it. It’s so beautifully done, it could either put you to sleep or cry. I woke up early, so it’s making me sleepy.

Thanksgiving Is Next Week

Still can’t believe that next week is Thanksgiving. It doesn’t seem that close really. I don’t know how this year is going to be exactly. I know it’s going to be chaos. It’s always been that way since my nana’s kitchen is just enough four people, not ten. Between nana’s cart and wheelchair. My papaw’s walker, and the wheelchair I use and a few people. It’s crowded! Thank god for my cousin Tate who just knows to stay in the living room. I think he’s the only smart in the family.

My Aunt Laurie is suppose to come down, the only reason she didn’t come down last year was because she and Tate were sick. She literally made two pies and couldn’t down. This year hopefully she won’t be sick. Hopefully nobody is sick, because I’d like to go Black Friday shopping the day after and find things for my sister. Look at me, I’m forgetting about my own self and thinking about my sister instead. I’m trying to help mom. Emily’s a bit picky at certain things.

Today Is The Day.

It’s Monday, literally just turned 9am here! I’m actually suppose to be back asleep but with the night I had, there was no way I’d try to even force myself. I woke up three times last night. Somehow I went back to bed every single time. I don’t even remember the times I woke up. I just know I woke up three times. Does that make sense? Yesterday after the first round of Just Dance 3 with Emily, dad said he got me something that morning, from Hucks I guess. It was a donut type thing but it was apples and cinnamon. At first, I didn’t quite like it because it wasn’t as warm as it was that morning. I got up this morning craving it! I almost asked mom if dad ate it all last night or not before she went back to bed.

Today is the day where my sister Emily goes up to the prinicpal to talk about Rachel’s Challenge. I’m very proud of myself and what she’s doing. She’s a mini me. When I was a Junior, between my dad and I we were fed up with all of the big doors. They’re always shut and I had meetings in the mornings, my sister had to come with me to open the doors for me. So dad made a few calls, after my first adempt to tell somebody about it. I failed, but dad got it done. The doors were fixed after we went to the school board about it. Senior year was like that too, except it was about the class trip at the end of the year. That was interesting!

One thing my sister and I have of our dad is we don’t usually give up so easily. We have mouths of our own and people will hear us one way or the other. That’s just how we are. We have thick skin (I’m just starting to get mine!) and we like to change something that is around us. Emily’s got a lot of guts to what she’s doing. Seriously, but she was second guessing herself throughout the weekend even though everybody was giving her good feedback on it. Hell, even my blog got some more vies than I’d ever gotten. Yesterday after she posted it, she got 101 views. Today I checked and saw I had 114 views for today and the day isn’t over yet. The post in all though has 143 views and it was posted yesterday afternoon! That’s freaking awesome!